An Advertising & Marketing agency that’s working on a growth mindset - “The Mastroke Mindset”

Our Brand Story

How we came to be…

It all Started off in a basement room of our office building with a handful of members, where every member was managing everything… along with focusing on their specialized area.
However, with a determined approach and growth mindset, we soon prospered into a team of more than 200 members who were marketing enthusiasts cum experts.
And now, we are proud members of MASTROKE…. Where you & us, will work together to create some winning stories…

Our Founders

Abhishek Jaiswal - Director and Co-Founder - Mastroke

Abhishek Jaiswal

Director and Co-Founder
Himanshu Rauthan - Director and Co-Founder - Mastroke

Himanshu Rauthan

Director and Co-Founder

Our Heads

Himanshu Vaish - Co-Head of Mastroke

Himanshu Vaish

Co-Head of Mastroke
Pradeep Kumar - Co-Head of Mastroke

Pradeep Kumar

Co-Head of Mastroke

Our Top Leaders

Shahreen Rizvi - Brand Manager at Mastroke

Shahreen Rizvi

Brand Manager
Komal Khare - Sales and Marketing Manager at Mastroke

Komal Khare

Sales and Marketing Manager

Our Values

Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset

We value hard work, determination, and perseverance over talent. We encourage new ideas, learn from our failures, and view setbacks as opportunities.
Millennial Perspective

Millennial Perspective

We're always on the lookout for fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to find simple, workable solutions to even your most complex of problems.


We value your time, money, and opinion. Hence, we maintain complete transparency, follow the best practices and take ownership of our actions.
People First Approach

People First Approach

We believe in creating a positive & desirable work environment that puts the needs of our clients and employees first. A place where growth is for everyone.

Our Pride & Happiness

It’s moments like these that drive us to be our best version when our dedication and efforts to provide our clients with the best experience and feasible marketing solutions turn into achievement & recognition as a leading advertising & marketing solutions provider.

What Is a Mastroke Mindset?

Drive. Motivation. Passion

Mastroke is built on the idea that a growth mindset and happy employees are the keys to a successful foundation and better results. That’s why, At Mastroke, we are committed to the growth of every member.
We see challenges as opportunities and setbacks as part of our learning process. We recognize everyone’s capacity for growth and believe in creating independent learners through positive feedback, and continuous efforts.
Because ultimately, we want to develop a culture where all of us can grow independently and together into a successful organization.

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