Mastroke Symbol

and its Wordmark

Crown Symbol : The Mastroke Logo is actually associated with growth mindset and our high-achieving desires. The logo falls under the logo category Abstract Mark as it comprises Abstract geometrical shapes that carry a meaning of 360-degree growth (as arrows pointing in all directions). The logo process is a combined outcome of an abstract form that makes it look like a crown. The overall shape represents a kingdom movement as our brand motives towards a collective act that is beneficial for their employees and clients.
Wordmark : The Wordmark remains an essential identifier of our brand. At the same time, our goal is to direct with the crown Symbol.


The core colors used for logo and wordmark are Black, White, and Cyan.
RGB0 0 0
CMYK75 68 67
RGB255 255 255
CMYK0 0 0
RGB 102 252 241
CMYK 44 0 16 0
You can download EPS or PNG files. Please don’t alter the Mastroke logo and Follow the instructions given below.


Provide plenty of space around the Mastroke logo and Wordmark. The size can be changed to ensure it feels clear. We don't place our logos over a busy background and always give them room to stand out. The clear space around the crown symbol showcases clarity, security, and conviction.
Crown Symbol

Special Use

Black and white are the standard colors used. One should not use any other colors without the brand's prior permission.


Do not go darker or lighter than this for Backgrounds ( # are the color codes )


Some partnerships may be approved for the creation of the Mastroke-partner logo lock-up. If approved, ensure the following principles:
  • Crown logo should appear first. Also, there should be an equivalence of size and placement.
  • As per clear space guidelines, there should be appropriate spacing between the symbols of Mastroke and that of the partner brand.
  • If the partner brand wants to use its full logo, use the full Crown wordmark.


Don’t change the logo color
Don't change the logo typeface
Don't create a copy of the logo
Don't use drop shadow
Don't invert the logo
Don't rotate the logo
Don't stretch the logo
Don't use a border around the logo
Don't use a complex backgroud

Icon Style

Icons are thin stroke-based, and structure clearly defines the meaning it conveys at their position. The color code used for icons throughout the website is #66fcf1, and if used anywhere on social media platforms can be changed to #000000 as black and #ffffff as white in color.

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