How Digital Marketing Solutions Drove BodyJewelry to a 404% Revenue Increase

About BodyJewelry is a leading online body jewelry company based in Florida, offering high-quality merchandise made from the finest materials. Their extensive collection includes 316L surgical-grade stainless steel, 925 Sterling Silver, Solid 14k Gold, and Solid Titanium. The company offers a wide range of styles, from basic to silicone ticklers, dangling jewelry, and genuine gemstones. The company ensures that its jewelry and accessories are made from the finest materials and is designed by top designers from around the world. BodyJewelry caters to the body piercing community's needs and has selected its items accordingly.

The Challenges:

Despite BodyJewelry’'s impressive range of high-quality merchandise and its dedication to serving the body piercing community, it faced a set of formidable challenges in its quest for increased traction and revenue. These hurdles included :
  • Stagnant sales
  • Low website traffic
  • Low conversions
  • Competitive market niche
  • Lack of effective marketing strategies
  • Inadequate website optimization
  • Limited customer outreach


BodyJewelry, struggling with website traffic, sought help from our digital marketing experts to improve their online presence. To address this challenge, we proposed a comprehensive digital marketing solution approach including Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Walmart , and Amazon Marketing .
Our main marketing strategy focused on targeting the right audience with multiple campaigns, including video, search, shopping, search remarketing, branded, non-branded, and dynamic campaigns. We also worked with Bing Ads on multiple campaigns, including shopping, remarketing, search, and dynamic campaigns.
In the domain of social media marketing, our strategy involved regularly changing offers and themes to maintain freshness and uniqueness.
Our marketplace experts prioritized improving product listing quality and created multiple brand campaigns in the ads accounts. They provided detailed product descriptions to boost product ranking and increase sales.
To sum it up this is how we implemented the process:

Implementation Process

  • Regularly updating offers and themes on social media
  • Utilizing Google Ads and Bing Ads campaigns
  • Optimizing listing quality for Amazon and Walmart
  • Customizing product descriptions for improved ranking and sales


Through a strategic implementation process and comprehensive approach BodyJewelry was able to yield remarkable outcomes :
Case Study Result for Body Jewellry
Overall, it was a successful journey.
Case Study KPI for Body Jewellry

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