Bronze Cactus Sunless Achieved Massive Business Growth With Mastroke's Online Marketing Services

About The Brand

Bronze Cactus Sunless, a brand voted the ‘Best of Southern Utah 2020’, with its wide range of Self-Tanning, Skin Care, Apparel, Accessories, Tanning Oils, and Teeth Whitening products, strives to empower and change the age-old beauty standard.
Bronze Cactus Sunless, with its products, wants to establish a new and improved beauty standard that wants you to be confident, fearless, and full of self-love.

What Makes Bronze Cactus Sunless Products The Best-In-Class?

They create products that not only instill confidence but are also healthy for your skin. Curated from natural ingredients, their products are free from chemicals, animal origin, and preservatives.
Their mission is to educate people about tanning and help protect them from UV rays that are harsh on the skin.

The Challenges Faced

Challenges and hurdles are a part of our lives and so do for businesses. No success story is complete without going through some setbacks and overcoming those obstacles to get to the top.
Bronze Cactus was also facing similar issues as any new brand would have when entering a highly competitive industry as a new face in terms of brand awareness and reaching out to the right target audience, adding to not being able to generate quality leads and revenue.
The Major Concerns In Bronze Cactus Sunless’ Journey Were:
  • Capturing a wider audience
  • Lack of goal-oriented digital marketing structure
  • Establishing a robust online presence
Services Offered: The online marketing services offered included SEO, SEA, SMM, SMO, Email Marketing, Amazon Listing Optimization & Sponsored Ads

How Mastroke's Online Marketing Services Helped Them Achieve Their Business Goals

To overcome the challenges, we had to provide them with a foolproof strategy that would be most suitable to meet all their business requirements cost-effectively. One that would be able to cope with the changing needs of consumers & marketing trends.
So, to support the growth of such a beautiful cause, our team of experts worked on building a customer-centric marketing strategy for them which included a strategic mix of several online marketing services.
Following this approach, we first segmented all the challenges and pain points into different categories and aligned each category with specific online marketing services best suited to meet the defined business goal and deliver results.

Implementation Process

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Goal: To grow Website Traffic (Organic), Improve Website Health and Ranking, Increase Revenue, and Brand Awareness
  • Identified and resolved 1095 on-page issues & created a customized, goal-oriented, result-driven SEO-focused website optimization strategy
  • We focused on lead generation through organic traffic
  • Generated 100% site health score
  • Focused on brand visibility and digital branding
  • High-quality backlink creation & Business listing on high authority sites through off-page optimization to maximize the digital presence
  • Competitor and Keyword analysis
  • Content/Blog optimization
  • Blog published as a part of off-page awareness
  • Google Analytics Setup for analyzing website data

2. SEA (Search Engine Advertising)

Goal: As the business started from scratch, our challenge was to increase relevant traffic to the store, get more sales, and promote the brand.
  • Promoted the business with the help of well-structured Google Ads Campaigns to reach and attract a wider audience Campaign Types Included: -Smart Search Campaign -Brand Search Campaign -Shopping campaign -Display Campaign, and -Dynamic Search Campaign
  • Created creative banners for the campaign
  • Ran a Smart Search Campaign to increase the traffic to the store
  • Ran a Brand Search Campaign for targeted different USA locations for brand promotion
  • Ran a Display Campaign to increase brand awareness
  • Ran a Dynamic Search Campaign on all pages to target new customers instead of those who’ve already visited, browsed, or purchased
  • Optimized Google Ads Campaigns
  • Right Audience & Location Targeting
  • We implemented various conversion-oriented strategies, which helped to give better results in all conversion metrics

3. SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Goal: Prior to our partnership, the ads couldn’t generate results. Our challenge was to improve Brand Awareness, Brand Promotion, Traffic, and Revenue.
  • Promoted the business with the help of well-structured Social Media Ad campaigns to reach and attract a wider audience -basic audience -product-based audience -different interest-based audience -Video ad & image ad format copy, carousel ad
  • Boosted an Instagram Post-Campaign & made it the site’s landing page
  • Campaign optimization was conducted by: -shuffling ad copies, -changing their primary text -A/B testing
  • Created several campaigns and optimized them regularly
  • Campaign/Ad Creation, Optimization & Maintenance
  • Ads were changed & optimized every week
  • Shuffling of ad copies and texts was carried out regularly
  • Audiences were shuffled to bring out the more refined audiences
  • New campaigns were launched targeting cold audiences
  • Created conversion campaigns with proper audience research
  • Evaluated different product lines and their target audience
  • Carried out trials for each campaign
  • Regular Campaign Optimization to measure and boost the performance
  • Audience research to optimize the conversion campaign & increase conversions

4. SMO (Social Media Optimization)

Goal: To Improve Brand Promotion, Brand awareness, and Brand recognition with Active engagement on posts.
  • Competitor Research & Website Analysis for User Experience
  • Creation & Optimization of Social Media Profiles, Account Interaction, Content Creation & Development
  • Research on Image Templates, Themes, Hashtags & Caption
  • Post Variations, Post Boost/Page Like Campaign, Analyzing the post frequency and time
  • Regular account interactions on all the social accounts through the posts’ likes, follows, and comments on multiple posts
  • Focus on a brand color theme when creating content and posts as per the social media optimization strategy
  • Content/Post types included infographics, quotes, gifs, UGC, videos, tips & tricks, how-to-do posts, and DIY posts
  • Researching and coming up with attractive and eye-catching image templates
  • Managing interactions with users in the comment section
  • Including more video content to boost customer engagement
  • Analyzing suitable post frequency to create a robust content/post-scheduling calendar
  • Our point of focus was to increase customer engagement on the client’s social platforms in terms of likes, followers, comments, shares, adding to favorites, etc
  • To boost customer engagement, our creative team efforts worked on coming up with creative media posts/content that their target audience would find engaging and interesting
  • We optimized and scheduled the posts at different time intervals to analyze the most responsive time durations
  • To increase brand recognition among the audience, posts were designed in line with the brand color and theme
  • Our focus was on delivering creative content while maintaining quality and originality
  • Our main goal was to establish the brand as a reliable, trustworthy source that meets all the needs of its target audience

5. Email Marketing

Goal: To increase qualitative leads, revenue, and brand awareness to build a loyal customer base. We needed to have Setup and Configuration of Software, Sign-up Form Creation and Set-up, Cart and browse abandonment Integrations, Complete Automation Setup, SMS Automation Setup, Automation Flows; VIP flows, and Added data feeds (Insta & FB).
  • We integrated the email marketing software (Klaviyo) with Shopify
  • Created, optimized, and added lead magnets in the pop-up form to gain subscribers
  • Added attractive offers and an opt-in process to filter out customers and decrease the bounce rate
  • Added Product trackers to the website through Shopify
  • Created sales targeting campaigns as well as occasion/event-based campaigns that were up to clients’ aesthetics to increase sales
  • Set up SMS Automation, Segmented potential customers, and Converted non-interested customers into leads
  • Set up flows (Automated) such as Cart and browse abandonment flow and VIP Flows for the smooth working of emails, which are sent in a particular order to encourage customer engagement for the present customers and future buyers
  • Designed and Developed themes, creatives, and templates
  • Conducted A/B testing to improve campaign effectiveness
  • Tracking each campaign helped us find the improvement areas to drive better results from the campaign
  • Informing the subscribers about events and special offers resulted in an Increase in Online store visits
  • Personalized Targeting to increase customer engagement
  • Made it easy for the subscribers to navigate from the email to the website in the form of buttons and links throughout the emails, generating more traffic

6. Amazon Advertising & Listing Optimization

Goal: To improve overall account health and increase the ranking, visibility, sales, and conversion rate.
  • Listing Optimization with the main focus on profitable keywords & Amazon Guidelines
  • Category-wise Product segmentation for Ad Campaigns
  • Worked on the growth opportunity panel to increase visibility and ranking on Amazon
  • Updation of Listings with high-quality Images & Videos to increase the conversion rate and provide a better understanding of the products to the customers
  • Worked on A+ content to enhance the content of their products to increase the conversion rate
  • Regular Optimization of campaigns by adding negative keywords and adjusting the bidding CPC
  • Utilized Sponsored Product Ads to increase visibility and drive product sales
  • Detailed Keyword research using various advanced tools like Helium 10, SemRush, Google Keyword Planner, and UberSuggest
  • Synced all Products from Shopify to Amazon & resolved all the issues related to the process
  • Optimized all Products and worked on the Listing Quality Dashboard, which helped us rank first on Amazon
  • To improve the ranking of the products, our team conducted in-depth research to identify the missing technical attributes required
  • Enabled the ‘request a review’ section to avoid any negative impact on the conversion rate due to a lack of reviews

Our Collaborative Efforts Yielded Impressive Results

All the combined online marketing services and goal-oriented approaches resulted in great numbers. Let’s have a look at what we have achieved for Bronze Cactus Sunless with each of the services offered:

1. Results From Search Engine Optimization Services:

  • 100% Rise in the Site’s Health Score
  • average CTR improved by 10.6%
  • impressions improved by 49.2K %
  • total clicks improved by 5.23K %,
  • Increased Brand Awareness with the help of Blogs & High-Quality Backlinks
  • Increased Organic Traffic
  • Increased New Users
DM Custom Enterprise Level

2. Results From Search Engine Advertising Services:

  • 575.49% increase in sales
  • 274% increase in the ROAS of 9.2x
  • 160% increase in conversion rates
  • Received 8,447 clicks and 703 conversions
  • Impressions reached upto a whopping 675 378
  • Revenue generation of $36,060.15
Results From SEA

3. Results From Social Media Marketing Services:

  • $2167.51 ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend)
  • an average ROAS of 3.5X
Results From SMM

4. Results From Social Media Optimization Services:

  • Instagram: Reach – 1,85,730, Followers – 16,585
  • Facebook: Followers – 620
  • Pinterest: Impressions – 312.82K, Total Audience – 186.33K
Results From SMO

5. Results From Email Marketing Services:

  • 993.7% ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend)
  • $13,491 Revenue from Klaviyo, and
  • $62018 Total Revenue
Results From Email Marketing

6. Results From Amazon Services:

  • 350% increase in sales,
  • ROAS ( (Return On Advertising Spend) increment of 7.86x, and
  • total sales of $7000
Results From Amazon

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