Conquering the Buy Box: How We Helped Intense Oud Win on Walmart Marketplace

About the Brand

Intense Oud is more than just a fragrance brand; it's an experience. Founded by Ahmed Wali Mohammad, Intense Oud is driven by a passion for sharing the rich heritage of oriental perfumery with the world.
Born from a desire to go beyond borders and steal hearts, Intense Oud's story began not just in the Middle East, but within the folds of Ahmed's family business empire, AKA Group LLC. Here, tradition met innovation, and the dream of Intense Oud took flight.
Every bottle of Intense Oud is a story waiting to be told. It's more than a product; it's a legacy built on a vision with a deep appreciation for the art of perfumery.

What Makes Intense Oud Products The Best-In-Class?

Intense Oud's commitment goes beyond exquisite fragrances. They source their creations from around the globe, ensuring the highest quality ingredients from places like India, Cambodia, and Malaysia.
This dedication to quality is reflected in their carefully curated selection of perfume oils, sprays, home fragrance products, and incense.

Challenges Faced by Intense Oud on the Walmart Marketplace

Intense Oud is a company passionate about sharing the world of fragrances. However, their journey on the Walmart Marketplace faces some hurdles that hinder their ability to reach a wider audience and increase sales.
Let's delve into the key challenges:

Challenge 1: The Constant Battle for the Buy Box

For sellers at Walmart marketplace, winning the Buy Box is crucial for increasing sales.
Here's why:
  • Products featured in the Buy Box receive higher visibility compared to those listed as “Other Sellers on Walmart.”
  • Studies suggest that a high percentage of Walmart shoppers (similar to Amazon) choose the seller featured in the Buy Box because it represents the most convenient purchase option.
As per the algorithm of Walmart marketplace, even a slight price difference of $0.01 could mean losing the ‘Buy Box’, which made it a challenge for Intense Oud. Because losing the Buy Box meant lost sales for that specific product.

Challenge 2: The Lack of Optimization of Product Listings on Walmart Marketplace

Vague or incomplete product listings without proper titles, descriptions, and images fail to provide customers with the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions.
This could lead to higher return rates and lower customer satisfaction. On the Walmart marketplace, Intense Oud's product listings lacked the optimization needed to increase visibility and conversions.

How Mastroke's Walmart Marketplace Marketing Services Helped Them Achieve Their Business Goals

1- Building a Competitive Pricing Strategy

We collaborated with Intense Oud to establish a strategic framework for manual Buy Box management. This involved:
  • Competitor Price Monitoring: We identified key competitors selling similar fragrances on the Walmart Marketplace.
  • Price Thresholds: We established minimum acceptable profit margins for Intense Oud’s products.
  • Price Adjustment Rules: We developed clear guidelines for when and by how much to adjust prices based on competitor pricing and profit margins. This ensured they remained competitive while protecting their bottom line.

2- Optimizing Listings for Effortless Customer Engagement

We crafted clear and concise titles that had relevant keywords for better search ranking.
  • Keyword Research: We performed keyword research to identify search terms customers were likely to use when looking for similar fragrances.
  • Title & Description: We added these keywords naturally within the titles, ensuring they reflected the product and avoided keyword stuffing. We also developed detailed product descriptions that highlighted key features, benefits, and usage information.
  • Attributes Updation: Missing or inaccurate attributes could make it difficult for customers to find the products they were looking for through filter options. Therefore, we ensured all product attributes like size, color, fragrance notes, and ingredients were listed properly. We also decided upon a standard format for listing attributes, ensuring clarity and consistency across the entire product catalog.
  • Image Updation: We ensured all images were high-resolution and showcased sharp details of the product packaging and bottle design.

Our Collaborative Efforts Yielded Impressive Results

By implementing the strategies outlined above, we aimed to improve Intense Oud's visibility and conversion rates on the Walmart Marketplace.
Results at a glance - Intense Oud Case Study
  • Gross Merchandise Value (GMV): $478, 858.43
  • Units Sold: 15, 135
  • Orders: 15, 639
Additional achievements:
  • Increased Buy Box Winning Percentage
  • Improved Search Ranking and CTR
  • Increased Conversion Rates
  • Positive Customer Reviews
Overall, the strategies resulted in a significant improvement in Intense Oud's performance on the Walmart Marketplace. This, as a result, helped them to reach a wider audience and achieve greater sales success.

Want to Accomplish the Same Results for Your Business?

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