How Mastroke Boosted Frab’s Magazine Impressions to 2.76 Millions

Struggling with low traffic and visibility, Frab’s magazine turned to Mastroke for a solution. Within a year, their impressions skyrocketed to 2.76 million impressions.
Here’s how we did it.

About Frab’s Magazine

The brainchild of Anna Frabotta and Dario Gaspari, Frab’s magazine was established in 2019. Frab’s, based in Italy, gave rise to expanding independent magazine culture worldwide.
Anna and Dario’s diverse professional backgrounds and passion for printed paper were an inspiration behind establishing Frab’s magazine.

What Makes Frab’s Magazine Desirable Amongst Its Customers?

Since its inception, Frab’s has focused on promoting printed magazine culture globally, soon becoming a leader and one of the most reliable sources in the niche market.
Customers can explore a carefully curated selection of magazines on their website, covering many genres from design to fashion, art to society and cultural domains. Frab's main mission is to provide its customers a strong trust in only selecting the best paper magazines worldwide, with a curated collection of collectible Mags. E-commerce is carefully curated and each magazine is handpicked with free shipping offered worldwide.
Frab also actively organizes publishing events (the main one is Magb to Mag) and offers consultancy services to new publishers, making it a desirable choice amongst its customers.

The Challenges Faced by Frab's Magazine

Despite being a desirable independent magazine service, Frab’s magazine initially struggled to attain high sales.
One of the main reasons was low traffic engagement on their website.
This further led to ranking low on Google and other search engines.

How Mastroke’s SEO Strategies Came to The Rescue!

To overcome these challenges, Frab’s Magazines turned to Mastroke.
Our SEO expert team dived deep to understand the missing optimization strategies of their website.

Implementation Process

Our experts implemented the following strategies to improve the website traffic of Frab:

Keyword Research

  • Comprehensive keyword research to understand which ‘keywords’ potential customers usually search for while finding magazines online.
  • Implemented keyword research on Frab’s blogs by adding relevant keywords on blog titles, meta descriptions and alternate text of images.

Business Listing

  • Since Frab’s sales and revenue dropped due to low traffic, we decided to work on its business listing.
  • Mastroke’s expert team performed a detailed analysis of Frab’s competitors. They understood their level of visibility and business profile listing on different platforms.
  • Thereafter, our experts worked on creating a business listing profile for Frab’s that could attract their target audience.
  • An emphasis was placed on using a listing platform that has domain authority, is highly relevant to the magazine industry and enhances audience engagement.
  • Frab’s business listing was finally optimized using engaging descriptions, appropriate keywords and visuals.


Lastly, we worked on backlinks to cater to the low website traffic of Frab’s.
Wondering how backlinks help Frab’s increase their engagement on the website?
Backlinks help to:

Increase Referral Traffic

Backlinks are a medium to drive traffic from one website to another.
When your target audience will click on a backlink on a website, they will be directed towards your website. Thus leading to referral traffic.
Mastroke aimed towards reputable websites in the online magazine industry to build referral traffic for Frab’s. This helped in increasing referral traffic from relevant websites.

Enhance Authority and Trustworthiness

Backlinks from relevant websites build your website’s authority and credibility.
Our SEO team at Mastroke aimed to build backlinks on different websites to expand Frab’s target audience engagement.

Actions Speak Louder: Achievements in Numbers

Our SEO strategies made a great impact on Frab’s website traffic engagement. Within the last year, Frab’s witnessed a massive increase in the following performance metrics:
  • Website engagement increased to 381%.
  • The number of users increased by 348.35%.
  • The number of new users increased by 347.97%.
it mentions KPI's of Frab's based on past 6 months


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