How Mastroke Helped ArmourMe Achieve a 120% Sales Increase with 5.6X ROAS Through Tailored Social Media Marketing Services

About the Brand

What if we told you there's a protective shield for all your favorite things? Yes, ArmourMe has made it possible with its “Invisible Shield for Everyday Life!” mission.
ArmourMe began its journey in 2018, driven by a vision to create the perfect protective coating using advanced stain-resistant nanotechnology. Catering to multiple industries—including Textiles, Automobiles, Furnishing, Solar, and Apparel—ArmourMe offers an extensive product range.
From cars to glass buildings, shoes to clothes, and more, ArmourMe provides the ideal products to protect the things that matter in everyday life.

What Makes ArmourMe Products The Best-In-Class?

ArmourMe products stand out thanks to their innovative use of nanotechnology. By blending nanotechnology molecules with eco-friendly ingredients, ArmourMe creates an invisible "Liquid Skin" shield on fabrics, glass, and shoes.
This shield protects surfaces from dust, rust, dirt, and stains, making them more durable and easier to maintain. Over time, this approach also proves cost-effective.

The Challenges That Came Across

Every journey is incomplete without the bumps in the road, and ArmourMe was no exception. Even though ArmourMe had an amazing product, they were not able to generate the desired traffic and sales that it deserved.
In search of solutions, they sought an agency that could help them overcome these challenges, ultimately leading to our collaboration.

How Mastroke's Social Media Marketing Services Helped ArmourMe Achieve Their Business Goals

Recognizing the need for a strategic makeover, our team at Mastroke developed a comprehensive social media marketing strategy that was specifically tailored to address ArmourMe’s challenges.
This approach focused on achieving their goals through targeted social media marketing services.

Implementation Process

  • Scrutinized the website from the Social Media Marketing perspective
  • Created conversion campaigns with proper audience research
  • Created a conversion campaign for all the products
  • Tested different audiences related to the product line
  • Tested different creatives for the ads
  • Constantly optimized the campaigns whenever required to boost the performance and achieve expected results
  • After building healthy data in the pixel, a retargeting campaign was created, which helped us maximize the ROAS

Our Collaborative Efforts Yielded Impressive Results

  • Total sale: $116,457.98
  • Total traffic: 6,391
  • Sale attributed to marketing: $0.00
All of these sales were from direct platforms and not from social media. However, our experts’ efficient solutions made it possible for the brand to achieve amazing results through tailored social media marketing services.
Before reaching out to us, this is how the numbers looked:
Sales increase via Social Media Marketing Services
The numbers looked after the implementation:
  • Total sale: $357,939.01
  • Total traffic: 35,807
  • Sale attributed to marketing: $28,541.40

Want To Accomplish the Same Results For Your Business?

Our team of experts can help you achieve similar success! At Mastroke, we are dedicated to offering you the most effective digital marketing services to propel your business growth.
If you're interested in learning how our social media marketing services can help your business thrive, reach out to us today for a session with an expert.

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