Babyhouse’s Google Ad Spending Pays Off with 23.59x ROAS and a Remarkable $39,247.59 Boost in Conversion Rate!

About Babyhouse Australia

Babyhouse Australia is a brand, committed to providing high-quality boutique, maternity, and children's products at accessible prices to Australian families.


Before partnering with Mastroke, Babyhouse was struggling with business expansion and was unable to reach the vast majority of its Australian customer base. They encountered the following issues:
  • CPA was very high (A$33.13)
  • The primary objective was to increase sales and maintain a good ROAS
  • Additionally, they aimed to channel more attention towards a specific product, namely the Haenim Smart Steriliser

How did Mastroke help Babyhouse Australia achieve its business goals?


To overcome these challenges, Mastroke offered Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services, initiating a strategic partnership to transform its online presence.

We revamped the client’s account by

  • Optimizing ad campaigns
  • Setting up campaigns
  • Categorizing products and
  • Managing Google ad spending effectively
Our focus was on campaigns that drove conversions, ensuring increased sales and maintaining a profitable ROAS.

Implementation Process

Campaign Structure:

  • We organized Google ad campaigns to prioritize top-performing products
  • Segregated ad campaigns based on product categories and allocated budgets accordingly
  • Introduced a dedicated campaign for Haenim Steriliser, boosting its sales and maintaining a strong ROAS
  • Improved targeting by fine-tuning audience signals to reach relevant users

Optimization Strategies:

Enhanced Ad Relevance, Quality Landing Pages, Bid Strategy, Ad Extensions, and Budget Allocation to effectively reduce CPA (Cost Per Acquisition).
This approach involved setting up and organizing campaigns strategically, focusing on high-performing products, and implementing various optimization tactics to ensure better sales performance while controlling costs.


Since partnering with Babyhouse Australia, our strategies significantly enhanced business growth.
  • The CPA decreased from A$33.13 to A$17.26, marking a substantial improvement
  • ROAS improved from 7.38x to an impressive 23.59x
  • Upon onboarding, the initial CTR stood at 1.09% with a Conversion Rate of 1.76%
  • Through our refined strategies, we’ve achieved a notable increase, elevating the CTR to 1.12% and the Conversion Rate to 3.66%
When Babyhouse Australia initially joined us, their performance wasn't what they aimed for. However, over the months, our efforts significantly contributed to enhancing their business performance and achieving notable improvements.
Babyhouse Australia is a testament to the transformative impact that a well-crafted digital strategy can have on a brand's fortunes, highlighting its journey from challenges to conversions.

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