Wellness Extract's Online Presence Skyrockets by 286% with Shopify Services

About the Brand

Wellness Extract is a leading provider of high-quality health and wellness products. They want to make premium health solutions easy to avail and easy to afford.
Their mission is to empower everyone on their health journeys by offering high-quality dietary supplements.

What Makes Wellness Extract Products The Best-In-Class?

Wellness Extract, founded with the goal of global availability, creates its products with the best possible ingredients to ensure genuine care for your well-being.
They prioritize quality and affordability with their wide range of effective, science-backed dietary supplements, they strive to be a leader in the health and wellness industry.
Their main focus is to empower individuals to take charge of their health and live their best lives.

The Challenges Faced by Wellness Extract

Wellness Extract, a leading provider of health and wellness products, came to us with the goal of increasing its online presence and improving the management of its operations.
Here's what they needed:
  • Multiple Shopify Stores: They needed separate Shopify stores to cater to different product categories and target audiences, requiring proper planning and execution.
  • Streamlined Operations: They desired a custom app to manage various processes like order fulfillment, inventory tracking, and reporting.
  • High-Performance Infrastructure: They needed a robust platform to handle high traffic volumes without affecting performance or user experience.

How Mastroke's Shopify Services Helped Them Achieve Their Business Goals

To help solve their problem, we decided to offer them the following Shopify services:
  • Targeted Stores: Through a strategic approach, we built nine visually appealing and fully functional Shopify stores, each one catering to specific customer segments.
  • Custom App Integration: We developed a detailed custom app that easily integrates with Shopify, streamlining operations and providing valuable insights.
  • Performance Optimization: To ensure optimal performance and scalability, we followed industry best practices, including caching, image optimization, and server configuration.

Our Collaborative Efforts Yielded Impressive Results

  • Increased Sales: Total sales grew by a remarkable 400%, and orders by 147%. Additionally, the average order value jumped by 86%.
  • Improved Online Presence: With nine Shopify stores and a custom app, Wellness Extract’s online presence increased, with average online store sessions increasing by 263%.
  • Scalable Success: The solutions led to increased revenue, improved user experience, and a massive online presence for continued future growth.
Wellness Extract_s Online Presence Improved with Shopify Services

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