How Sunshine Caps Achieved a Remarkable 7.86x ROAS by Embracing Strategic Search Engine Marketing

In the bustling world of e-commerce, every click counts. Discover how a strategic search engine marketing approach transformed an underperforming online store into a thriving success story.

Stitching a Tale of Purpose

Launched by dental hygienist Lauren during the pandemic, Sunshine Caps Co. started with a goal to support frontline workers. Beginning with making masks, it expanded to creating colorful scrub caps and compression socks, bringing some fun to healthcare attire.

Challenges in the Digital Market:

At the start, even though they had great products, Sunshine Caps' online store had trouble getting enough clicks and sales, leading to a stagnant return on advertising spend (ROAS) of 3x-4x. Seeing the need for a new approach and wanting to solve these problems, they asked for our SEM (Search Engine Marketing) team's help to improve their marketing.

Diagnosing the Dilemma

After looking closely, we found that some products on the Sunshine Caps website weren't doing well, which was dragging down the overall performance. These products weren't getting enough attention, which was holding back the store from growing as much as it could.

Solving the Puzzle: A Marketing Strategy That Works

To address this issue, we implemented a strategic two-pronged approach:
1.Product Optimization:
  • Identified underperforming products based on click and conversion data.
  • Removed these products from existing campaigns to prioritize high-performing items.
2.Targeted Campaigns:
  • Created dedicated campaigns specifically for the non-performing products.
  • Leveraged Sunshine Caps strong brand search volume by launching a brand campaign.

Results Speak Louder: Achievements in Numbers

Our strategic changes made a big difference. In only three months, Sunshine Caps saw a major improvement in important performance measures:
  1. ROAS increased by a staggering 94.45%, reaching an impressive 7.86x.
  2. Conversion value surged by 108.29%, amounting to a remarkable $16,441.34.

Continued Partnership:

Seeing how valuable our services are, Sunshine Caps has kept working with us for different advertising projects. We're always focused on making sure their account assets and promotions are as good as they can be, so Sunshine Caps stays ahead in the ever-changing online shopping world.
Building on the success of the first campaign, we're now putting in more strategies to keep improving and make their online store even better.

What Lauren has to say About Mastroke

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In the highly competitive world of online shopping, being able to change and grow is really important. Sunshine Caps successful journey shows how using Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can be a strong way to get more sales and spend less money on advertising. As they keep trying new ideas, one thing is clear – Sunshine Caps future looks really bright.
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