Nashua Nutrition Earns $1.261M in Sales and 15x ROAS with Mastroke’s E-Commerce Solutions

By Vivek Sharma July 8, 2024 5 mins read

Nashua Nutrition Earns $1.261M in Sales and 15x ROAS with Mastroke’s E-Commerce Solutions

Founded in 2001, Nashua Nutrition is committed to providing affordable, delicious, high-protein products in the health food industry.
Specializing in bariatric-friendly foods recommended by physicians and weight loss clinics, Nashua Nutrition provides the convenience of doorstep delivery, ensuring customers can easily access nutritious options tailored to their health needs.
The brand's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made it a trusted partner in promoting healthy lifestyles with accessible and flavorful dietary solutions.
However, despite its strong reputation and dedicated customer base, Nashua Nutrition encountered significant obstacles that hindered its market performance and growth.

Challenges Faced by Nashua Nutrition

Low Traffic on Products and Minimal Brand Awareness

Despite offering quality products at affordable prices, Nashua Nutrition struggled with low visibility and brand recognition. This resulted in insufficient website traffic and limited exposure on major e-commerce platforms.

Lack of Strategic Campaigns and Ineffective Targeting

Previously, Nashua Nutrition ran marketing campaigns that lacked targeted audience segmentation. As a result, they failed to effectively connect with potential customers interested in health and nutrition products.

Product Approval Issues on E-Commerce Platform

Due to their products falling under the food category, Nashua Nutrition faced challenges with product approval on platforms like Amazon. This occasionally delayed or prevented their products from being listed, impacting sales opportunities.

Low Sales and Conversions

Despite offering competitive pricing and quality products, Nashua Nutrition struggled to convert website visits into sales.

Competitive Pricing Challenges

The company faced difficulties in setting competitive prices that were low enough to attract customers but still made enough profit. Because of this, fewer customers bought from them because they thought the prices were too high compared to other brands.

Solution Implemented by Mastroke

Services Provided

  • Amazon Ads: To increase visibility and drive traffic to Nashua Nutrition’s products.
  • Amazon Listing Optimization: To improve search rankings and attract more customers.
  • Facebook Ads: To reach specific demographics interested in health and nutrition products.
  • Walmart Ads: To expand market reach and increase sales.
These services were tailored to achieve e-commerce success for Nashua Nutrition in terms of online presence, optimized sales channels, challenges of low traffic, brand awareness, and sales conversions.

Detailed Action Plan

Our detailed and strategic approach included the following tactics:

Initiated Sponsored Campaigns

We launched paid campaigns to drive traffic, increase brand awareness, and streamline remarketing efforts. This included automated campaigns for new products and catch-all campaigns for the entire brand that covered everything they sell.

Developed Brand-Specific Campaigns

We created brand-specific campaigns for different product categories. We also organized existing client ads by separating them into individual campaigns to manage and target them better.

Utilized Keyword Optimization

To make our Amazon ads more effective in terms of reach and visibility, we used the Brand Analytics Search query report. This helped us find relevant keywords and product-related insights. We then incorporated these keywords and insights into their product titles, bullet points, descriptions, and backend search terms.

Optimized Bids and Budget Allocation

To maximize return on ad spend (ROAS), we implemented various bid optimization strategies. This included adjusting bids, bidding strategies, and budget allocations based on campaign performance. This helped us reallocate resources from underperforming campaigns to top-performing ones, resulting in increased sales.

Engaged with Amazon Support for Product Approval

We worked with Amazon support to resolve the product approval issues and made sure their products were listed and available on the platform.

Implemented Display and Remarketing Campaigns

We launched multiple display and remarketing campaigns to secure prime product placements and improve lead generation and sales conversion rates.

Competitor Analysis and Strategic Planning to Win Product Placement

To mitigate competition from the top-selling product detail page, we promoted their top-selling products with their lower-selling ones. To do this, we used a variety of Amazon ads such as sponsored products, sponsored displays, and a sponsored brand campaign.
This helped us secure placement which resulted in increased visibility and sales.

The Results

By implementing the above-mentioned digital marketing strategies, Mastroke managed to address Nashua Nutrition's immediate challenges. This also helped them achieve massive e-commerce success in terms of improved market performance and sustained growth.

Lifetime Ads data

Lifetime Ads Data-Nashua Nutrition Case study result

Results achieved in a year

Nashua Nutrition case study-results achieved in a year

Graphical representation of the result achieved in a year

The Lifetime result for the Self PT campaigns

Nashua Nutrition case study- Lifetime result for the Self PT campaign

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