SEM Success Story: Noir Kāla Sees $139,361 Revenue Boost

The Enigmatic World of Noir Kāla

Step into Noir Kāla, where jewelry isn't just for looks; it's like a special accessory helping you find yourself and feel stronger. Lear how she partnered with Mastroke to achieve SEM success.
Founded by Jacinthe, a visionary seeker of ancient wisdom, Noir Kāla embodies the profound intersection of animist cosmology and contemporary craftsmanship. Inspired by transformative encounters in Goa and Varanasi, Jacinthe's journey led to the creation of jewelry that serves as both artifact and vessel, channeling ancestral power into the modern world.
In this fast-paced world of e-commerce, making your mark in a crowded market and captivating customers can be a daunting task. Noir Kāla’s story was no different.

Noir Kāla's Struggles in the E-commerce Landscape:

Jacinthe, the owner and founder of Noir Kāla, initially relied solely on organic content and Instagram sales for her business. While this approach showed promise, with sales ranging from three to ten per week, she realized that to achieve substantial growth, she needed to explore new avenues. The brand's key challenges included:
  • Low website traffic and difficulty generating quality leads and sales.
  • Lack of proper strategies for targeting potential customers.
  • Limited brand awareness and visibility.
  • Overdependence on the website to drive sales and increase brand reputation.
  • Insufficient website speed and structure, affecting user experience.
Despite their best efforts, she was not able to see any improvements. And that's when she realized that she needed help. And that's when she realized that she needed help. Recognizing the need for an agency that could provide a comprehensive range of services, regular performance monitoring, and meticulous attention to detail, Jacinthe chose to partner with Mastroke, seeking SEM success to overcome the hurdles.

Illuminating the Path: Mastroke's Tactical Solutions

Mastroke conducted a thorough website audit and provided recommendations for improving website speed and structure.
For new clients without historical data, Mastroke typically initiates smart campaigns to drive traffic to the store. Once a satisfactory level of traffic was achieved, we shifted our focus towards conversion-oriented strategies.
To address the client's challenges regarding conversions, we implemented the following strategies:

Noir Kāla's Phenomenal Improvement Journey

The strategies implemented by Mastroke yielded remarkable results for Noir Kāla:
Overall they achieved significant improvement in sales. Jacinthe's testimonial highlighted not just the increase in website traffic and sales generation but also the transformation brought by SEM success in their partnership with Mastroke.

Jacinthe's Testimonial on Mastroke's Impact

Jacinthe expressed immense satisfaction with the services provided by Mastroke. She appreciated the regular updates, performance monitoring, and the attention to detail in advertising campaigns. In her testimonial, she acknowledged the effectiveness of the services offered and highlighted the improvements.
"Since I hired the Mastroke team, I could quit my job and live 100% from this job at Noir Kāla. And I also hired two employees," Jacinthe shared. "If you're looking for drastic growth in your business, if you're looking for financial freedom, I think Mastroke can be the best ally."


Mastroke's strategic SEM approach and comprehensive suite of services have proven instrumental in transforming Noir Kāla's online presence and driving significant growth. By addressing the brand's challenges head-on and implementing tailored strategies we enabled Noir Kāla to achieve remarkable results.
This success story underscores the importance of partnering with the right agency and the power of data-driven, targeted marketing efforts in the highly competitive e-commerce growth landscape.
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