How an Online Pet Store Achieved Real Results with Well-Structured Google Ad Campaigns and Generated Revenue of $331k+ in Just 3 Months

Read How “Shiro & Malou” Achieved 10X Increase in ROAS and 160% in Conversion Rate With Proven Google Ad Strategies
Eye Catching Results

Meet Shiro & Malou

Dogs are probably human’s best companions, and no wonder they are often referred to as human’s best friends. Their loyalty, compassionate nature and unconditional love bring sheer joy and happiness to our lives.
And for all the love they shower on us, we as humans need to ensure they get the same love and care in return. Build with the same thought, Shiro & Malou is a Sweden Based online pet store that sells dog supplies, food, and accessories.

What Makes Shiro & Malou Products The Best-In-Class?

When choosing the products for your furry friends, it has to be the best and most comfortable for them. Whether Dog beds, Dog blankets, Dog Food, Dog Toys, or Dog bowls, SHIRO & MALOU specializes in providing the best quality dog supplies. Another thing that sets Shiro & Malou apart is the use of sustainable materials to produce the products.
The contents of the dog beds are produced from recycled PET bottles and recycled polyester. Most of the toys are Eco-friendly and made of natural materials such as leather, suede, and jute. These toys are made from leftover debris that would otherwise be discarded. They are sharing their part in saving the environment, and it’s high time we should too.

The Challenges That Came Across

Like any other ecommerce business, the store faced struggles on the journey to its success. Before coming in contact with us, the client was running Google Ads, including several searches, shopping, and display campaigns.
But the campaigns were not properly structured, and that, in turn, affected the campaign’s performance. Wanting to get successful results from the Google Ad Campaigns and to increase revenue, they collaborated with us.

What Was Our Experts’ Approach?

Our Google Ads experts were quick to figure things out and took the following steps to bring the results:
  1. Created a well-structured Google Ads and Google Shopping campaign
  2. Targeted different locations for brand building
  3. Setup conversion action with important tags such as google dynamic remarketing, google ads conversion tracking, global site
  4. Created brand search campaigns for Sweden, Denmark & Norway locations
  5. Created search campaign targeting all the product categories, including a dog bed, blanket, treat & walk
  6. Targeted the right keywords in the campaigns. The keyword used were hundleksaker, hundbädd, hundmatskål, hundfilt

The Eye-Catching Results We Helped Achieve For Shiro & Malou:

  • 175 % increase in the ROAS, which is 10X
  • 160% increase in conversion rates
  • $331k+ revenue generated in 3 Months
  • 27% Increase in Website Traffic

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