How a Brand Noticed a Huge ROAS of 5.06X and Sales Increase of 120% via Social Media Marketing

To leverage the power of Social Media channels, ArmourMe collaborated with us to maximize the results of their online marketing strategies. Learn how our team of experts helped the brand increase revenue with SMM.
Sales increase via SMM

About ArmourMe

What if I say you can get a protective shield to protect all your favourite things? Yes, ArmourMe has made it possible to some extent. “Invisible Shield for Everyday Life!” Stated with this mission of giving your regular life tools an invisible shield or protective coat, ArmourMe is a brand that started its journey in 2018 with the obsession to create the perfect coating for furnishings using advanced stain-resistant nanotechnology.​
Catering to multiple industries, including Textiles, Automobiles, Furnishing, Solar, and apparel, ArmourMe has an extensive product range. From a car to a glass building, shoes to clothes, and more, it has an ideal choice of products to protect everyday life things.

What Makes ArmourMe Products The Best-In-Class?

The thing that makes this brand’s products distinctive is the utilization of the power of Nanotechnology. Combining the molecules of nanotechnology and eco-friendly ingredients, ArmourMe products for Fabric Protection, Glass Protection and Shoes Protection namely forms an invisible Liquid Skin shield on the surface, protecting it from dust, rust, dirt, or stain. This process makes the surface long-lasting, requires less cleaning, and is eventually cost-saving.

The Challenges That Came Across

Every journey is incomplete without the bumps in the road, and ArmourMe was no exception. There came a time when the owner felt that the brand was not getting the desired traffic and sales results. And his quest to get the expected results brought us to work together.

Before reaching out to us, this is how the numbers looked:

  • Total sale: $116,457.98
  • Total traffic: 6,391
  • Sale attributed to marketing: $0.00
All of these sales were from direct platforms and not from social media. Read on to how our experts deciphered the situation & the challenges and how they came up with efficient solutions that made it possible for the brand to achieve whopping results.
This is how the number looked after we have worked on social media strategies for the brand:
  • Total sale: $357,939.01
  • Total traffic: 35,807
  • Sale attributed to marketing: $28,541.40

How We Made Those Numbers?

  1. Scrutinized the website from the Social Media Marketing perspective
  2. Created conversion campaigns with proper audience research
  3. Created a conversion campaign for all the products
  4. Tested different audiences related to the product line
  5. Tested different creatives for the ads
  6. Constantly optimized the campaigns whenever required to boost the performance and achieve expected results
  7. After building healthy data in the pixel, Retargeting campaign was created, and we achieved a ROAS of 5.06X

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