The Artsy Spot Saw a 55% Increase in Online Store Traffic and 749% Increase in Revenue Through SEO Services

About The Brand

Established in 2015 as "Artsy Walls and More," The Artsy Spot began as a hobby and later evolved into a thriving business under the ownership of Rachelle. After retiring from her teaching career in 2016, Rachelle seized the opportunity to expand, resulting in the creation of two additional shops: "Artsy Shirts and More" and "DD By Artsy Walls."
These have since been consolidated into a single, user-friendly destination, known as THE ARTSY SPOT.

What Makes The Artsy Spot Products The Best-In-Class?

The Artsy Spot is a one-stop shop to style your home and give unique personalized, gift items to those you love.
They love to create new and custom designs and take pride in their ability to provide excellent customer service. They offer a diverse range of stylish home improvement and decor items, along with customized gift options.
Moreover, they also share a percentage of their revenue for various local and international causes and are associated with Living Water International organization that provides clean drinking water around the world.

The Challenges Faced

The Artsy Shop struggled to attract organic traffic, as it failed to appear on the first page of Google search results.
The website performance was also a major obstacle, with slow loading speed and frequent technical glitches deterring potential customers from making purchases.
Additionally, its marketing efforts failed to resonate with its target audience, leading to poor engagement on social media platforms and a lack of customer interest.
Given these challenges, the store faced the following key issues:
  • Unable to rank on Google
  • Low-performing website
  • Poor engagement
  • Conversions were not satisfactory, resulting in low sales and revenue.

How Mastroke's SEO Services Helped Them Achieve Their Business Goals

After our experts briefed Artsy Spot about the required SEO services that would help solve their problems, they signed up for a dedicated digital marketing strategy to address the store's challenges.
Services offered: SEO Services (Search Engine Optimization)
With the help of effective SEO services, we focused on improving Artsy Spot's website visibility on search engine results pages compared to other businesses from the same niche.
By utilizing the best SEO practices, Artsy Spot significantly enhanced its online marketing efforts.

Implementation Process

Our SEO experts created a customized SEO strategy combining both On-page and Off-page SEO strategies to resolve their store’s issues.

Off-Page SEO Optimization Involved

  • Blog directory submission
  • Blog writing and posting
  • Social profile creation and promotion
  • Guest posting on relevant sites
  • Bookmarking on relevant sites
  • Resolving speed or page-loading issues

On-Page Optimization Involved

  • Optimized title elements
  • Resources formatted as page links
  • Rectified orphaned pages in the sitemap
  • Upgraded low Text-HTML ratio
  • Updated missing meta descriptions
  • Optimized pages with broken links
  • Removed 4xx Errors and irrelevant pages in the sitemap
  • Removed duplicate title tags, H1 tags, meta description
  • Resolving speed or page loading issues on relevant sites

Our Collaborative Efforts Yielded Impressive Results

With our holistic SEO services and tailored approach, we were able to cater to the desired results:
  • Website performance scaled up with a 55% increase in online store traffic, a 45% increase in order volume, and a 373k increase in impressions.
  • The user count increased by 847% in 15 months.
  • They achieved a conversion rate of 36.39% with a 749.23% increase in revenue.
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The Artsy Spot User Acquisition
The Artsy Spot Conversion

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