Customer experience is the heart of any business. In today’s times even the online experience matters to the customer apart from your product/service. This story tells that sometimes even simple changes in your digital marketing strategy can change the game for your customer satisfaction. So let’s understand how.

About the Brand

I Love Characters is a leading online retailer in the USA. They specialize in a wide range of toys and merchandise featuring beloved characters from popular media franchises. Founded with a passion for bringing joy and entertainment to customers, the brand has built a reputation for curating an expansive product catalog that caters to fans of all ages.

The Challenge: A Confusing Online Experience

Despite their impressive merchandise lineup, "I Love Characters" was struggling to convert website visitors into loyal customers. 
When visitors landed on their Shopify store, they were greeted by a
  • outdated and cluttered Shopify layout,
  • disorganized product collections, and
  • a navigation system so confusing that made it nearly impossible for the visitors to arrive at the desired location
This failed to retain the visitors, leading to a disappointing conversion rate.
Driven by a commitment to delivering an exceptional shopping experience, I Love Characters management was looking for its Shopify store redesign to enhance the user journey.
After a thorough analysis of the needs of 'I Love Characters', Mastroke’s Shopify Experts recommended migrating their store to Shopify 2.0 platform. This upgrade would offer a smooth, effortless, and improved user experience to website visitors, making their user journey easy.

The Process

The experts started by:
  • organizing “I Love Characters” vast product catalog into a functional drop-down menu on the Shopify store, making it easy for visitors to find toys and merchandise based on occasions and moods.
  • reserved a prominent section on the homepage to showcase their best-selling products and featured the beloved characters, Luca and Rex, creating an instant connection with fans.
We also audited the entire Shopify store, addressing issues such as broken links, missing images, and other glitches that could hinder the user experience.

The Result: A Captivating Shopify Store

With the Shopify store redesign in place, "I Love Characters" saw an immediate and remarkable transformation.
  • smooth navigation,
  • an organized mega-menu, and
  • eye-catching graphics hooking visitors, enticing them to explore the store instead of bouncing away
Within just one month, the company started gaining:
  • 11,000 new website visitors,
  • a 45% growth in monthly sales, and
  • an average order value of $48

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