Glamour Galore: How Treasure4Nails Soared with Pinterest Marketing Strategies and SEO!

About Treasure4Nails

Treasure4nails is a top nail beauty store offering a wide range of professional nail products and beauty supplies from top brands. With over a thousand products, they cater to various nail beauty enthusiasts. The store prioritizes quality products, competitive deals, swift shipping, and exceptional customer service. Their team of experts is available to assist customers and provide expert advice.
Treasure4nails aims to build a strong connection with their clients, driven by a passion for perfection in the beauty industry. They serve as trusted advisors, helping customers enhance their beauty routines and achieve their goals. They appreciate their customers choosing Treasure4nails as their preferred destination for all things beauty.


Since they were starting the business from scratch, they had some issues that resonated with every new business like:
  • Limited social reach
  • Poor Return on Investment
  • Low Visual Appeal

Platform Specific Challenge:


They had an existing social presence on Pinterest before our service but they wanted sales to be generated for their business through this platform.


  • Outranked by competitors for targeted keywords
  • Organic search wasn’t driving traffic
Services offered: Pinterest Ads, SEO


These challenges were not unexpected, but they required careful planning and strategic decision-making. The team realized the importance of investing in marketing efforts to build brand awareness and attract more customers.

Pinterest Services

Our Pinterest marketing strategies played a pivotal role in strengthening the steady stream of loyal customers for Treasure4Nails’s e-commerce store, while also generating a substantial level of engagement on their social platform. The decision to explore Pinterest as a marketing platform proved to be a game-changer for the business, allowing them to dominate the market share in their segment.

Implemented Process


  • Creating custom target audiences to improve campaign performance
  • To begin, the team set up keywords, interests, and similar elements to get a know-how of the target audience.
  • The first focus was on the audience who had purchased jewelry earlier from Treasure4nails.
  • Second, targeting the audience who had searched for Nail Beauty Products

Pinterest Marketing Strategies:

  • High-Quality Visuals: Curated visually appealing pins.
  • Pin Descriptions: Crafted clear, compelling descriptions with effective CTA
  • Rich Pins: Utilized additional information features.
  • Pinterest Ads: Strategically utilized Promoted Pins, broadening brand exposure successfully.
  • Group Boards: Contributed to relevant boards in clients’ niche.


  • Created thoughtful SEO strategy
  • Resolved technical issues
  • Created topical, trustworthy, and helpful content
  • Optimized old content to target related search terms
  • Implemented link-building tactics to get links from high authority domains


Treasure4nail experienced significant improvement in its key performance metrics by adopting a holistic strategy that combined the power of Pinterest campaigns and SEO efforts. This integrated approach resulted in the following impressive outcomes for the brand:
Treasure4Nails Statistics

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