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A Reliable and Accurate GA4 Migration from Universal Analytics.

We are a well-recognized and credible advertising and marketing company who have looked after a number of independent clients in migrating their business websites from the old Universal Analytics to the next generation, Google Analytics 4.
Why Migrate to Google Analytics 4?

Why Migrate to
Google Analytics 4?

In October 2020, Google Analytics announced a new version called Google Analytics 4 (GA4) as a future of measurement, and from 1st July 2023, old Universal Analytics will no longer process data. The older data will still be available for six months; however, your data must be migrated extensively before the given time to avoid any significant data loss.
At Mastroke, we have a team of analytics experts and specialists to help you make the smooth transition of this whole process.

Key Benefits of Implementing GA4

Mastroke Flexible Approach

Flexible Approach

GA4 uses a measurement model based on events and parameters, whereas Universal Analytics is based on sessions and pageviews.
Mastroke Support Diverse Platforms

Support Diverse Platforms

GA4 provides a platform for website and mobile applications for data consolidation in a single property, whereas UA provides for websites only.
Mastroke Enhanced Measurement Features

Enhanced Measurement

GA4 allows automatic tracking for specific events such as scroll tracking, site search, file downloading tracks, and outbound clicks.
Mastroke Provides Accurate Cross Device Insights

Provides Accurate Cross-Device Insights

It encourages a better understanding of the customer purchase journey across multiple platforms and determines the marketing campaign’s effectiveness.

Our Expertise

Mastroke Examine Properties of Universal Analytics

Examine Properties of Universal Analytics

The main objective of this audit is to examine/debug the existing parameters so that we can transfer all the required tags, triggers, variables, and other parameters to the GA4 property.
Mastroke Set up Reporting Panel

Set Up Reporting Panel

GA4 reporting interface appears different and challenging to tackle. We are here to provide solutions for your reporting requirements by creating dashboards in the Google Looker Studio.

Creating a Solid Migration Strategy

After auditing and determining the essential tags and triggers, the next stage would be to map the ideal setup for Google Analytics 4 phase-wise.

Mastroke Setting up GTM and GA4 properties

Phase 1:

Setting up GTM and GA4 properties

Phase 2:

Implementation of GA4 measurement ID

Mastroke Tracking of events and conversions

Phase 3:

Tracking of events and conversions

Mastroke Updating event parameters for GA4 custom dimensions

Phase 4:

Updating event parameters for GA4 custom dimensions

Mastroke E-Commerce tracking implementation

Phase 5:

E-Commerce tracking implementation

Mastroke Customizing audiences

Phase 6:

Customizing audiences

Scale your Business without Interruptions:

Migrate to GA4 with us.

Mastroke Scale Your-Business Without Interruptions

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