The Best Digital Marketing Trends, Tips, & Tools To Leverage

By Manjari Shreya September 8, 2022 12 mins read
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Whether you are a small business looking to mark an online presence or an established brand that wants to reach a greater audience, digital marketing is surefire going to help. Digital marketing over the years has grown exponentially and with nearly 3.8 million searches being made every minute, now is the best time to be online.

But how will you do that?

By creating an online presence for your business, you can show up whenever a relevant search is made. Online visibility matters a lot today as most buying decisions are made before entering the offline store. With an increasing number of businesses marking an online presence, leveraging digital marketing trends and tools for one’s own business has become the way to go.

With the upcoming years in perspective, there is just so much that can be done to unlock online success. Such practices typically include strategic planning or just using the right tools to measure results and thereby increasing your outreach. Keeping that in mind, this blog explores the various tips, trends, and tools that will help you leverage digital marketing for your business growth.

5 Best Digital Marketing Tips to Follow for Exponential Growth

Make your SEO strategy agile:

A viable SEO strategy focuses on attracting quality leads and boosts organic ranking potential. A well-crafted keyword strategy ensures that a business shows up whenever a search relevant to your business is made. Moreover, such a strategy makes the website more useful for a specific target audience while also creating a positive user experience.

It is an established fact that Google makes use of 200 ranking signals to determine which piece of content is best and will be useful for a reader. So by merely keeping the SEO strategy agile and actively monitored, the chances of being noticed are always higher.

Creating high-quality content that meets the search intent:

In essence, content is vital to being online. It is in fact the first form of communication the target audience has with a business even before they start making a business decision. High-quality, value-driven content ranks higher and gets seen more often, thereby making it easier to forge a customer relationship.

Content that speaks your language and offers information, when paired with primary and a latent semantic keyword can cater to search intent seamlessly. By doing so, you are producing better content for the reader and providing meta information to Google, helping it understand the content better.

Provide value instead of focusing solely on sales:

No one wants to be bombarded with sales messages, pop-ups and prompts when they are looking for information. Nearly 5.8 billion searches are made every day on Google and the competition is fierce. So if a search result is not offering value or the information the reader is looking for, they would just move away (and probably never come back). Instead, focusing on creating high-quality, authentic content that builds credibility can also help in bringing more conversions.

Make performance analysis a vital practice:

Understanding what works best for a business helps in identifying what needs to change and what remains in both your ongoing and upcoming campaigns. For instance, if your campaigns are not performing, it is best to stop them and focus on improving the strategy.

Assessing performance on a routine basis allows businesses to understand what type of content (or offers) the target audience is looking for, which channels are best for drawing engagement, and the details of the user journey into a customer. Data in this form can help in leveraging available resources to drive better conversions through strategic improvements.

Stay up to date with Digital Marketing Trends:

Being relatable is important as it makes a brand seem more approachable and trustworthy. Moreover, the touch of personalization earns brownie points as the target customer feels the content being shown has been curated to their taste.

But how do you become relevant? By following trends.

2022 saw some great trends emerging in digital marketing. From delivering exceptional customer services to producing content that is authentic and fresh, trends took the world by storm. And by aligning business goals with digital marketing trends, brands can achieve more than just sales!

This brings us to…

Top Digital Marketing Tips, Trends & Tools To Leverage In 2022

7 Digital Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye Out for

Social media marketing:

Nearly 3.94 billion people use social media in 2022 and the number is expected to grow by a whopping 38.5% in the coming years. These numbers make social media the best place to be. Social media marketing is a great way to increase brand awareness and form a loyal consumer interaction base.

By being present on social media channels, a business makes itself more visible and approachable. Add to that a strong social media strategy and a business can become the talk of the town. Additionally, social media can help in closely understanding target audience behavior, thereby creating scope for more personalization.

Omnichannel marketing:

Your target audience can be present anywhere on the internet. It may seem daunting to think about ‘how to reach your target audience’ and be able to deliver a consistent message everywhere. That’s where omnichannel marketing can help.

Whether the ideal customer is on social media or is more inclined towards making an online search before making a purchase decision, omnichannel marketing diversifies availability. This helps in driving sales & traffic by covering every potential digital touchpoint. The biggest benefit of omnichannel marketing is that it creates a personalized customer experience every time.

Long-form content:

Content marketing is another digital marketing trends that are going to stay. Long-form content is a great way to produce valuable content for your readers. This is achieved through writing blog posts and articles of more than 3000 words.

The benefits of long-form content include:

  • Increasing online visibility
  • Establishing authority in the industry
  • Producing first-hand authentic information
  • Gaining customer engagement
  • Increase website traffic
  • Rank higher on search engines

Additionally, long-form content also increases the time spent on the website., which is great from an SEO perspective.

Progressive web pages:

Page load time is crucial. The longer it takes for a website to completely load, the higher will be the bounce rate. This is where progressive web pages can turn the tables.

Progressive web pages or PWA, have a short loading time, send push notifications, are easy on the device (while offering every feature), and are app-independent. Moreover, these websites work the same when offline, making them versatile for every type of user.

That brings us to another benefit of PWA: the quality and flexibility offered by a progressive web page are incredible and app-like. Data privacy and browsing security are added benefits to a PWA.

Google snippets:

Position zero (Google snippets) is a much-coveted position online. Why is it so important? The featured snippet gives the limelight to your content on a search engine result page. This brings in more website traffic & builds more credibility and authority online.

The resultant web page is not always ranking on the first page but since it has content that meets search intent or the user’s query the best, it gets featured.

What type of content gets a spot at featured snippets?

  • Comparisons that are usually in form of tables
  • Definitions
  • Top lists
  • Content that answers search queries like what, when, why, how type of questions
  • Infographics
  • Step-by-step instructions

Enhancing user experience:

User experience or UX is the secret ingredient to ensure that your website caters to the target audience in your absence. A seamless user experience makes the site more accessible and easy to navigate, making the user spend more time on the website (and eventually get converted into a customer).

An easy-to-use website also contributes towards establishing credibility and becomes the go-to place whenever a user is looking for something (that you offer) online.

Benefits of enhancing user experience:

  • Makes the website easier to navigate
  • Lowers development time and eventually, costs involved with the development
  • Increases revenue by generating more conversions
  • Lowers support costs
  • Decreases costs involved with customer acquisition
  • Significantly eliminates steps and reduces time spent on getting the desired information
  • Attracts more loyal customers by building credibility
  • Increases customer retention by offering positive interactions

Email marketing:

Email marketing is an effective way to stay in touch with your customers. Whenever they get mail from you, they end up thinking about the positive experience they had on your website. As a result, they might want to check the website again.

Not only does an email bring them back to the website, chances are they may end up buying something as well!

Moreover, an email helps build personal relationships with customers. It allows a brand to send updates on promotional offers or make any important announcements. All this makes the customer feel like they are at the center stage and they feel more engaged with the business.

5 tools that will help your business grow this year

Digital marketing tools save time and share valuable insights that form the basis of your next strategy. These tools take the guesswork out of the picture and enable a business to make strategic, well-thought digital marketing plans to achieve goals. Some popular digital marketing tools are:


Improve your online visibility

SEMrush is an all in one digital marketing tool that helps in managing SEO, pay per click advertising campaigns (PPC), social media and content marketing campaigns.

The tool also gives insights on domain authority, score and organic traffic. The tool can be used to perform strategic competitor analysis as well as keyword research.

Benefits of using SEMrush:

  • Keyword research is more targeted and effective with emphasis on monthly traffic, average cost per click, SERP features present for the keyword, and websites that are ranking on top for the specific keyword
  • Analyze your own website traffic and ranking. Helps in determining website strengths as well as area that needs special attention
  • Competitor analysis
  • Create content ideas for content marketing purposes
  • analysis of content from SEO point of view
  • Analysis of current and past performances of the website (including bounce rates and time spent on page by individual users)
  • Maintaining existing content through updates based on search queries
  • Build a more impactful and effective link building strategy

Mailchimp: Email marketing

Make email marketing a breeze. It’s an easy to use email marketing tool that helps brands reach their target audience in an unbelievably effective way.

You can generate real-time insights. Moreover, with its analytical features, you can also develop a deeper understanding of campaign performances.

Benefits of using Mailchimp:

  • Allows the user to add up to 2,000 email contacts and trigger 12,000 emails on a monthly basis
  • A wide range of email templates are available to choose from
  • Customized workflows that can be personalized for every campaign
  • Automations available at all levels
  • Insightful reports and data-driven analytics to understand individual email marketing campaign performance


Optimize your content better

Yoast is a WordPress plugin that enhances a website’s performance for search engines.

The plugin offers content analysis on various parameters including:

  • Content readability difficulty
  • Meta descriptions being present on the website
  • Keywords being targeted
  • Keyword density

Benefits of using Yoast SEO:

  • Real-time SEO analysis
  • Insights on how readable the content is as well as suggestions to improve
  • Review of search engine snippet


Efficient management of social media marketing

Finding it challenging to continuously post, engage with online customers and manage overall social media strategy better? Hootsuite can help by effectively managing all your social media channels in one place. The tool can help save valuable time and escalate your social media campaigns in just a few clicks!

Benefits of using Hootsuite:

  • Efficient and easy management of multiple social media channels at once
  • Post scheduling for days to come
  • Easy and effective customer relationship management
  • In-depth analytics to better understand post performance, traction, and more
  • Has a plug-in that enables quick and easy sharing of content online
  • Tracks key phrases and help in identifying trends

Google Analytics: Identify how visitors behave on the website

Google Analytics is a digital marketing tool that helps in recognizing potential trends and helps track how users are behaving on the website. It is a web analytics tool that can be used extensively for SEO as well as marketing needs. The tool can be helpful in identifying where website traffic is coming from and help track goal completion for multiple campaigns.

Benefits of using Google Analytics:

  • Impactful data visualization (including bounce rate, average session duration, pages per session, etc)
  • Insights on dimensions and metrics
  • Predictive analysis by recognizing trends
  • Easy integration with other digital marketing tools
  • Presents a plethora of user data in a simple and understandable form
  • Helps in improving content marketing efforts and SEO
  • Efficient tracking of online traffic
  • It’s a free tool

Google Ads:

Drive qualified traffic to your website

Budgeting is an important part of running ads successfully and Google Ads helps you achieve the same. It drives qualified leads to your website while keeping a close watch on ad spending. Google Ads allows online marketers to bid for display ads, service listings, and more for online users. The tool helps marketers reach their target audience regardless of the device they are using.

Benefits of using Google Ads:

  • Reach the target audience based on their specific needs and interests. There are various parameters that can be taken into consideration including ad location, on basis of frequency (time and date wise selection is available), devices, and more
  • Allows scope for experimenting with different ad sets to understand what works the best (A/B testing)
  • Measure every move made by the target customer, including clicking on the ad to take the desired action
  • Efficient management of ads
  • Offers incredible control over money being spent on campaigns
  • It is a free tool

Unlock Your Business Growth With Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, over the years, has grown to be more than just about a business being online to make sales. Today, nearly 82% of people make an online search before they make a purchase. This makes it incredibly important to not only be present online but also offer value, build credibility and have a strategic plan in place. Keeping up with trends significantly increases your chances of being seen online and making sure that your business is aligned with customer needs & demands.

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