The Values & Principles of Mastroke: Our New Year’s Resolution

By Manjari Shreya January 6, 2023 3 mins read
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Every new year people talk about new resolutions, new goals, or a new change for that matter. However, in this new year, we want to emphasize Mastroke’s core values and principles, which will remain unchanged throughout the course of time.

Mastroke is constantly innovating in everything we do. Since the year we started in 2019, we have been achieving every milestone that was set.

With 2023 finally here, we are ready to rise a level up. So, on this occasion, Himanshu Vaish, our Co-Head, shared what truly matters at Mastroke & what we are looking forward to in 2023.

The 6 Pillars of Success at Mastroke

Mastroke’s values and principles are what makes it different and stand out in the crowd. While we are consistently striving to be the best in the industry in what we do, we are also continually evolving into a more humane brand.

Here are the 6 values and principles that every member at Mastroke lives by!

Discipline and professionalism:

Discipline and professionalism are the basic foundation of any successful organization. And at Mastroke, these are often seen in little gestures we make, like, showing respect to everyone, whether our senior or junior, being on time, adhering to guidelines, and following a process-driven structure.

Giving stage to young leadership:

As we don’t follow an orthodox working mechanism, young leaders are always appreciated. We do not believe in line and time-based higher regard; there’s always room and plenty of opportunities for our members to grow and explore. All this while keeping the quality of work at the highest standards.

Discovering new ways of working style:

Aside from a growth-driven and exciting workplace, Mastroke is constantly experimenting with working styles to create a flexible environment that makes it a fun and different place to work at. As our teams are always stepping out of their comfort zones to come up with new ideas and smashing past records, it’s also our responsibility to create a workspace that accommodates every need!

Honesty and transparency with clients:

Discipline and professionalism fuels our honesty and transparency with our clients. While we share everything we did right, we are also upfront about what’s not working and how we plan to change it from better to best.

Grinding and learning more:

Rising above excellence every day through efficient grinding is how we deliver results that shine. We at Mastroke are firm believers that there’s no shortcut to success, and those overnight successes are actually years of hard work in the making. So we are always consistent in our efforts and brainstorming ideas or discussing a concept till there’s a fruitful conclusion.

Employee-centric culture:

Our values and principles revolve around our members. Keeping their growth and development in mind, we are always bringing positive changes to reward our hard-working teams. We believe in creating a positive & desirable work environment that puts the needs of our people first.

Closing Notes

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” — Theodore Roosevelt

2022 has been a year where we learned, hustled, and achieved our milestones with consistent hard work and dedication. With 2023 here, we aim to soar to greater heights and unlock more opportunities with our values and principles as the basis.

Dedicating 2023 to doing more of what’s extraordinary, the Mastroke way!


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