How Segmented Google Ad Campaigns Transformed Firewood Racks' Business

In a world full of competition, your own products can inadvertently become competitors, consequently impacting the business and its  overall revenue. Woodhaven Firewood Racks faced a similar challenge with their products.
Let's dive into how a simple switch in the Google Ads strategy turned things around for them.

About the Brand:

Since 1927, Alexander MFG has upheld a tradition of excellent craftsmanship, evolving from a humble machine shop to The Woodhaven brand renowned for its firewood storage solutions. The Woodhaven brand, a fourth-generation family-owned enterprise, takes pride in its heritage and the enduring legacy it has built. Their firewood racks, crafted with precision, offer unmatched durability and convenience. Customers choose The Woodhaven for reliable, American-made firewood racks that stand the test of time.

The Problem: Internal Competition between Google Ads

Woodhaven Firewood Racks had a simple goal: to reach customers looking for quality firewood racks online. However, their Google Ads campaigns were disorganized, with all products clubbed together.
When potential customers clicked on an ad, they got confused with choices on the website. This confusion meant fewer sales.
The brand found itself caught in a cycle of internal competition, where their own ads fought against each other.

Let’s see how our Search Engine Marketing Solutions helped Firewood Racks

As we dug deeper into the brand's digital presence, we discovered : the solution in segmentation. We realized that by grouping similar products together and creating separate Google Ads campaigns for each category, we could streamline the customer journey and eliminate the chaos.

What is Google Ads segmentation?

Google Ads segmentation is a method to target specific groups within the audience based on characteristics like demographics, location, interests, behavior, and device use. This helps tailor the ads to reach the right people, increasing the chances of engagement and conversions.
We segmented Firewood Racks Google Ads based on their product categories to avoid internal competition.

The Execution:

After we analyzed their old strategy, we started off with,
  • Restructuring the Campaign
Armed with this newfound clarity, we restructured the brand's Google Ads campaign. We started with categorizing the products, from standard firewood racks to accessories, and created distinct campaigns for each.
This segmentation made sure that when a customer clicked on an ad, they went straight to the right product category, avoiding the mess of a cluttered homepage.
  • Selecting the Right Keywords
With careful planning, we split up the ads so that each one led to a different part of the brand's online store, thereby avoiding confusion between multiple products on the website.  Keywords like “log holder”, “outside firewood racks”, “heat gloves” & more were handpicked to align with each product category , ensuring that the right audience saw the right google ads at the right time.

The Results:

Our plan paid off big time. Sales shot up, with each dollar spent on ads bringing back over eight times as much. The brand made over four hundred thousand dollars in sales, and the number of people buying jumped by over thirty percent. Needless to say, the brand was happy with the results.
Results at a Glance the Woodhaven

Insights and Reflections:

Looking back, we realized something crucial: sending everyone to the homepage was like sending customers into a maze. By guiding them straight to the product they wanted, we made things way easier for them – and for the seller.

Want to Accomplish the Same Results for Your Business?

In the fast-paced world of online marketing, sometimes the simplest solutions are the most powerful. By giving each product its own space to shine, we helped a firewood rack brand cut through the noise and find success online. And the best part? With the right strategy, anyone can do it.
At Mastroke, we dedicate ourselves to providing you with the most effective digital marketing services to drive the growth of your business.
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