Improve Your Google Ads Click-Through Rate With These 17 Proven Tactics

By Avitanshi Srivastava December 20, 2023 13 mins read
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When you think of measuring the performance of your Google Ads, the initial terms that likely pop into your head are impression, conversion, clicks, or click-through rate. Yet, the question remains: which one of these holds the greatest significance and should be given priority by marketers when they optimize their ads?

You might think the obvious answer is Click-through rate but that’s where it gets interesting. The secret to getting the best results is to get these three elements: impressions (how many eyeballs see your ads), clicks (how many people actually tap on your ads), and conversions (how many folks buy or do what you want them to do) to work together like a perfect team.

Does that mean we should put CTR (Click-through rate) on the sidelines?

The answer to that question is a resounding NO. Instead, marketers should look for ways to improve their click-through rate. As for why they should chase after it? Well, for starters, it’s a smart move as long as you’re not just chasing clicks for the sake of it.

Because, let’s face it, clicks don’t pay the bills. Real results come from those clicks turning into something real like people buying your stuff or becoming your loyal customers.

That’s why we’re not here to tell you to use flashy tricks to get clicks. In this guide, you will uncover 17 super easy and useful ways to grab those clicks (from the right people) and pump up that CTR. So, get ready to transform your online ads from “meh” to “wow”!

What is Google Ads click-through rate (CTR)?

Click-through rate (CTR) provides insight into the effectiveness of your ads by indicating the percentage of viewers who actually click on them. It’s a key metric reflecting keyword performance, user engagement, and interest in your offerings.What is a Click Through Rate

What is a good CTR for Google Ads?

The average click-through rate in various industries falls between 4-6%. Check out the click-through rates statistics from Google Ads 2023 Benchmarks Report for over 20 industries.

So, a good or above-average click-through rate in Google Ads would be something between 7-9%. Remember, though, that the “good” range can fluctuate based on factors such as your industry, ad format, and target audience.Search Advertising Benchmark Report 2023

How do you track CTR in Google Ads?

To track CTR in Google Ads, divide the number of clicks the ad receives by the total number of times it was shown (impressions). Multiply the result by 100 to get the percentage. This reveals how effectively your ads convert impressions into clicks.

For example, if you had 30 clicks and 1000 impressions, your CTR would be 3%.

Tips To Improve Google Ads Click-Through Rate

1. Choose The Right Keywords

When it comes to keywords, accuracy reigns. Generic terms won’t cut it. Focus on relevant keywords that resonate with your audience’s search intent. Craft your ad groups around tightly-knit keyword themes, ensuring each group contains keywords closely related to the ad’s message.

This alignment creates a seamless user experience from search query to ad click, resulting in higher click-through rates (CTR). So, delve into keyword research, choose wisely, and witness how the right keywords can significantly boost your ad’s click performance.How to choose the right keywords

2. Improve Targeting With Negative Keywords

Refine your targeting by incorporating negative keywords. These are the search terms you don’t want your ads to appear for. By using negative keywords, you’re eliminating clicks from users who are unlikely to convert.

For instance, if you’re offering paid services, adding “free” as a negative keyword prevents users seeking free solutions from clicking your ad. This precision not only saves you money but also ensures your ads reach users who are genuinely interested in what you’re offering. The result? A higher CTR and a more effective ad campaign.

3. Get Specific: Narrow Down Your Target Audience

Broad targeting might seem like a good idea, but laser-focused targeting is the real game-changer. Dive deep into your audience demographics, interests, and behaviors. Tailor your ads to speak directly to your ideal customer. By narrowing down your audience, you’re ensuring that your message resonates with those most likely to engage.How to define your target audience

This heightened relevance leads to a more meaningful click-through rate and interactions. Remember, casting a wide net might catch a few fish, but aiming for the right spot gets you a bucketful of quality clicks.

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4. Be Clear, Compelling, and Concise With Your Ad Copy

When it comes to ad copy, less is often more. Craft clear, concise messages that grab attention and communicate value swiftly. Avoid jargon and unnecessary fluff. Instead, focus on addressing your audience’s pain points and highlighting the benefits your product or service offers.

Remember, it’s not just about tricks. It’s about understanding your audience and speaking their language. Simple, clear messages that show what you offer and why it matters. You want clicks that lead to real action – buying, signing up, or learning more.

By delivering a straightforward and compelling message, you’re making it easy for users to understand what you’re offering and why they should click. This clarity translates into more engaged clicks, as users know exactly what they’re getting when they click through.

5. Call to Action: Keep them Short, Strong, and Firm (and tempting!)

A strong call to action (CTA) is the bridge between interest and action. Don’t leave users guessing – tell them what to do next. Whether it’s “Shop Now,” “Learn More,” or “Get Started,” a clear and compelling CTA guides users toward the desired action.Tips for creating call to action to improve CTR

Without a doubt, well-crafted CTAs have a significant impact on click-through rates. They provide a sense of direction, enticing users to take that crucial next step. So, be decisive in your CTAs and watch as clicks turn into conversions.

6. Create Attention-Grabbing Headlines

Headlines have a split-second to grab attention. Utilize the power of numbers, symbols, and special offers to stand out. For instance, “Save 50% Today!” is more attention-grabbing than a plain headline.

These elements create a sense of urgency and intrigue, compelling users to explore further. By infusing your headlines with these captivating elements, you’re increasing the likelihood of clicks. Remember, your headline is often the first impression users have of your ad – make it count.How to Create Compelling Headlines

7. Create Emotion-Driven Narratives

Emotion is considered to be the main driving force behind people’s decision-making. Craft ads that tap into users’ feelings, whether it’s curiosity, nostalgia, or excitement. Tell a relatable story or address a pain point users can empathize with. Your ads should connect with people’s feelings and needs.

By creating an emotional connection, you’re not just getting clicks; you’re getting clicks from users who resonate with your message.  Emotionally-driven ads have a lasting impact, fostering a relationship between your brand and your audience.

8. Incorporate Dynamic Keywords and URLs

Dynamic keyword insertion adds a personal touch to your ads. It allows you to dynamically change the text in your ad based on the user’s search query. This customization creates a sense of relevance that catches the user’s eye.

Additionally, using dynamic keywords in your display URLs reinforces the connection between the user’s search and your ad, increasing the likelihood of clicks. By embracing dynamic elements, you’re infusing a level of urgency and personalization that can significantly impact your click-through rate.

9. Make Use of Extensions to Your Advantage

Ad extensions offer additional information and value, making your ads more appealing. Utilize site link extensions to direct users to specific pages on your website. Add callout extensions to highlight key benefits. Incorporate structured snippets to showcase product categories or services.Types of Google Ad Extensions

These extensions expand your ad’s real estate on the search results page, increasing visibility and click-through rate. By providing users with more relevant information, you’re encouraging clicks that are well-informed and more likely to lead to conversions.

10. Experiment with Different Ad Elements

Don’t settle for assumptions – test your ad variations. A/B testing (split testing) involves running multiple versions of an ad to compare their performance. Experiment with different headlines, ad copy, and CTAs to identify which combination yields the highest CTR.

Testing different formats allows you to fine-tune your ads based on real data, ensuring you’re consistently optimizing for more clicks. Experiment and refine your ad elements to maximize your click potential.

11. Opt for Strategic Pause for Underperforming Ads

Underperforming ads are dead weight. Regularly review your ad performance and pause ads that aren’t delivering results. This frees up your budget for high-performing ads that generate clicks. By strategically pausing ineffective ads, you’re directing resources where they matter most.

This optimization not only increases your click-through rate but also improves your overall ad campaign efficiency. Don’t hesitate to cut ties with ads that aren’t pulling their weight – your clicks will thank you.

12. Optimize Bidding with Smart Tactics

Smart bidding strategies leverage machine learning to optimize bids for conversions. This dynamic approach ensures your ads appear in front of the right audience at the right time, maximizing the potential for a better click-through rate. Whether it’s target CPA, target ROAS, or enhanced CPC, smart bidding takes the guesswork out of bid management.

By entrusting your bids to intelligent algorithms, you’re enhancing your ad’s visibility, relevance, and, ultimately, the click-through rate. Embrace smart bidding and let automation work its magic for a click-worthy campaign. And with Google’s latest innovation of automatic ad creation within the Performance Max feature, your smart bidding strategies will be backed by engaging and tailored ads.Benefits of the Performance Max Feature

With Performance Max’s ability to generate ads based on landing pages, successful queries, and approved headlines, your smart bidding strategies are about to get even more impactful.

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13. Try Different Ad Formats

Variety keeps things interesting. Experiment with different ad formats to engage users across various touchpoints. From text ads and responsive search ads to image and video ads, each format caters to different preferences. Diversifying your ad formats ensures your message reaches users in the way they prefer, leading to more clicks.Types of Different Ad Formats

Take advantage of visual storytelling, interactive elements, and multimedia to captivate your audience and drive click-through rates. Remember, diversity isn’t just the spice of life – it’s the recipe for more clicks.

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14. Split Test Ad Content for Improvement

Ad copy isn’t set in stone. Continuous improvement is key. Through split testing, you can evaluate numerous ad copy variations and identify what resonates best with your audience. Experiment with different messaging, tone, and value propositions.

By analyzing the data, you’ll uncover the magic formula that triggers a better click-through rate. Don’t shy away from refining your copy – it’s a dynamic process that directly impacts your CTR. With each iteration, you’re fine-tuning your ad to become a click magnet.

15. Reconnect with Your Audience via Retargeting

Retargeting, or remarketing, keeps your brand in the spotlight for users who have shown interest before. By strategically displaying ads to those who’ve visited your website or engaged with your content, you’re reigniting their curiosity.How does Retargeting Works to Improve CTR

This gentle nudge often leads to clicks from users who are further along the conversion journey. Retargeting reinforces your presence, reminding users of what they explored earlier. The result? An increased likelihood of click-through rate and conversions from an audience that’s already familiar with your brand.

16. Showcase Your Unique Value Proposition

Your value proposition is your secret weapon to gaining a better click-through rate. Clearly communicate what makes your product or service stand out from the competition. Highlight the benefits users will gain by clicking on your ad. Whether it’s solving a problem, saving time, or fulfilling a need, a compelling value proposition piques interest and drives clicks.

Craft a value proposition that resonates with your audience’s desires and pain points. When users see the unique value you offer, they’ll be more inclined to click and explore what you have to offer.Create a USP (Unique selling proposition) to improve CTR

17. Gain Insights from Competitors

Gaining insights from your competitors is a strategic move to improve your click-through rate. Analyze their ads, keywords, and messaging to identify gaps and opportunities. Understand what resonates and clicks with their audience and apply the same to your own campaigns. Borrow successful optimization tactics while adding your unique spin.

By staying informed about your competitors’ strategies, you’re positioning yourself for clicks that might have gone their way. A strategic blend of inspiration and innovation ensures your ads stand out and attract the click-through rate you deserve.


In the world of online ads, three things matter: getting noticed, getting clicked, and making sales. Click-through rate (CTR) is the link that ties them all together. And by embracing and adopting the strategies that we discussed today for improving your Google Ads Click-through rate, you can successfully captivate the right audience and improve your click-through rate.

Remember, this isn’t a one-time thing. Therefore, keep trying, testing, and adapting. When you do it right, you’re not just getting clicks; you’re building relationships that last. From a quick look to meaningful interaction, a higher click-through rate can make it happen. So, go ahead, use these tips, be creative, and keep transforming casual curiosity into successful conversions.

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In the meantime, If you’re feeling stuck with your PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads, our team of PPC experts is here to lend you a helping hand. We totally get it – earning those Click-Through Rates (CTR) can be a head-scratcher sometimes. But fear not!

Our Google Ads team is all about helping you plan and create awesome ads that catch people’s attention. Not only that, they’ll ensure that your ads reach the right audience to lead your business to growth. So, if you’re ready to take your PPC advertising to the next level, contact us today.

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