Sales objections “I am not interested in buying your products”

By Shubhranjali Nigam June 18, 2024 7 mins read
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Are you overwhelmed due to sales objections?

Let’s picture, you have a brand new product/service to promote as a business owner. You are enthusiastic about it and wish your potential customers to try out this product/service.

You have your prepared sales pitch to reach out to your customers. Alas, your potential customers disapprove of your products or services.

You are left with two options now :

  • Accept that rejection and pitch your services to someone else who will be in need of your services.
  • Reflect on ‘why you faced rejection?’ and improvise your response to convince your customer to buy your product or service.

Option ‘1’ is easier to consider for most of the marketing professionals or business owners.

If you have considered option ‘2’, we have a perfect guide of actionable tips to handle situations related to sales objections gracefully.

In this article, you will learn ways to handle the most common ‘not interested’ situations as an E-commerce owner or a marketing professional.

9 Best Actionable Tips to convert a potential customer’s ‘No’ to a ‘Yes’

Let’s discover 9 best tips to deal with situations if your customer shows disinterest in buying your product or service below.

1. Active Listening for Sales Objection

Your target customer will like to be understood while buying your product or services.
Practice active listening to dive deeper into your customer’s needs. Be curious to know what specific services they require from your end.

You can ask open ended questions to know their needs better. For example-

  • What are your pain points with current service offerings?
  • What are your expectations when it comes to our service offerings?
  • What are your budget expectations while investing in our products or services?

For how long do you need our services?

This will aid you in getting into the shoes of your customers in a better way. Thereafter, you can convince them about the benefits of your services to solve their pain points.

2. Providing with Freedom of Choices During Sales Objections

Rather than having a one-size fits all approach for your customers, provide them with a list of choices to make.

For example, you can devise a comparison table for your customers. Within this table, there can be comparisons with alternative choices.

This can help your customers to come with a final decision easily related to your services.
An E-commerce giant Nykaa provides its customers with dress choices depending on size, color, fabric of materials, etc.

This helps buyers to narrow down their choices from multiple choices of dresses to buy from.
Likewise, you can sell your products or services by providing freedom of choices to your target customers.

Bonus tip: Avoid pushing your customer towards a particular product or service. This will make your customer feel that you respect their opinions.

3. Look for the ‘why behind the why’ to Handle Sales Objections

Probe your customers with as many questions as possible. This will help you deepen your understanding behind their ‘why’ for rejecting your services or products.

Rather, then a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ from your customers, ask for their reasons of disapproval in depth.

Based on their responses, you can come up with alternatives. You can also request them to have a clarity call with you and explain their concerns.

For example, consider a customer asking for a refund/exchange of a purchased product from an online store. Before his request is processed, he is asked to mention his reason for the refund request.

Likewise, you can ask your customer a detailed explanation for rejecting your service request.

4. Mirroring Technique for Persuading Customers

This is one of the most common techniques used by marketing professionals to persuade customers. In this, a sales representative is required to mirror his customer’s rejections back to them.

For example, if a customer replies to your service request as, “I am not interested in buying your product due to XYZ reasons.”

As a sales representative, you can acknowledge your customer and reply, “I understand that you have valid XYZ reasons.”

This way will make your target customer feel their concerns acknowledged and give you more clarity of their pain points.

  • During phone calls, observe your prospect’s tone of voice, choice of words and pace of speaking.
  • In case of email communication, mirror your target customer’s tone of voice and language.

Bonus tip: Avoid over-mirroring your customer to appear natural to your prospects.

5. Make Use of Negative-Bias and Handle Sales Objections

As humans we are more drawn to negative news then positive. Marketing professionals can make use of this negative-bias to attract customers.

An act of urgency can be created for a particular service.

For example, if your potential customer rejects your service, you can mention things that they will miss out if they won’t avail your service at the earliest.

Amazon recently launched its Great Summer Sale and created the ‘Fear of Missing Out’ factor amongst its customers. This was created by having an offer validity until a limited time.

Fear of missing out or FOMO makes use of negative biases effectively.

Similarly, you can come up with your marketing strategies to tap into negative biases of your customers.

6. Using Pattern Interrupt Technique to Persuade Customers

This technique aids in providing your customer with an alternate way of considering your services without selling them directly.

For example, if your customer shows disapproval for your product. You can reply them with-“I acknowledge that you don’t need our product currently. I would like to share a few resources with you which will help you in taking any service with us in future.

This helps your potential customers to break free from their usual pattern of responding to your service offerings.

It can also lead to building long term relationships with your customers.

7. Incorporate Feel-Felt-Found Technique for Sales Objections

One of the best ways to convert your customer’ ‘no’ into a ‘yes’ is by incorporating this technique into your persuasion call.

The steps of this technique are-

  • Empathize with your target customer’ pain points.
  • Share a successful story from other customers who experienced the same pain points.
  • Mention the positive experience or outcomes they had after taking your services.

Thus you build empathy and trust with your customers with the help of testimonials related to your services.

8. Power of Storytelling in Handling Sales Objections

You can make the best use of storytelling to explain benefits of your services to your potential customers. Stories can help your customers to connect with your services at an emotional level.

This can be done by showcasing case studies wherein you helped your customers to boost their business.

For example, you can get an idea of case studies from here.

9. Follow Up with Your Customers After Sales Objections

This step may seem insignificant to you at first, yet it’s necessary to show that you care about your customers.

There can be cases when despite your best efforts, your potential customers end up refusing your offers. If your customers seem uninterested after the first call, then follow up with them again.

In short, don’t miss the opportunity to keep your customers hooked to your service offerings or products.


To sum up, you can follow any of the above mentioned strategies to deal with rejection calls from your customers. This will eventually lead to increasing your sales as a marketing professional.

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