9 Fabulous New Year Marketing Ideas to Stand Out This Festive Season

By Avitanshi Srivastava December 6, 2022 14 mins read
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New Year is a great time to start fresh and revamp your marketing efforts. If you’re unsure where to start, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll give you nine super useful New Year marketing ideas that you can use to create a successful holiday marketing plan to increase your customer base along with holiday sales.

Before you begin, assess your current marketing efforts. What’s working, and what could be improved? This will help you focus on the areas that need the most attention. Next, set some New Year marketing goals for your brand. What do you want to achieve with your marketing? Brand awareness, more leads, increased sales? Be specific and realistic in your goals so you can track your progress.

The final step, create a plan of action:

  • What steps will you take to achieve your goals?
  • What kinds of marketing campaigns will you run?
  • What marketing channels will you focus on?
  • What budget will you allocate?

Make sure to include a mix of online and offline marketing activities in your new year marketing ideas list. Remember to track your results, so you know what’s working and what isn’t. It should also include a mix of quick wins and longer-term strategies. There’s no point in a sudden burst of marketing activity if it means you run out of energy after a few days! So, without further ado, let’s dive in and check out our top 9 New Year marketing ideas you must try for a prosperous new year for your business!

Best New Year Marketing Ideas To Ace Your Holiday Marketing

1) Gain Double Benefits With Holiday-Themed Bundles

Holiday Bundles is one of those brilliant hitting two-birds-with-one-stone New Year marketing ideas. Why, you may ask? For starters, selling holiday bundles at a discounted price during the holiday shopping season rush will attract many shoppers. This is because holiday shoppers will be more inclined to purchase from brands that will offer them more convenience.

In this case, providing them with holiday bundles helps them avoid the hassle of filtering the right holiday gift option. As well as the fact that they have to pay less for the product bundle in comparison to paying for individual items makes it an enticing deal of great value.

New year marketing ideas to boost sales

There are more reasons why this should be on your New Year marketing ideas list. For example, selling holiday product bundles will increase your average order value. It will also help you eliminate the old stock and sell the less popular products.

To implement this, you can combine a few relevant holiday products or services and market them by connecting them with a holiday theme. Additionally, you can offer add-ons (gift wrapping, personalized messages, etc.), upgrades, and cross-sell (accessories or complementary products during checkout) to increase your holiday sales.

2) Run Targeted Holiday Ad Campaigns With Trending Holiday Keywords

If you are running an e-commerce business, this holiday marketing strategy must be on your list of New Year marketing ideas. By now, you must be familiar with the concept of – ‘right messaging to the right people in the right place at the right time.’

Roughly translated, no matter how great your holiday product or service is, your efforts will go to waste if it doesn’t get to the right target audience. With the fast-changing marketing landscape, to capture your customers’ attention, you have to meet them on their turf. This can be achieved by running targeted holiday marketing campaigns that resonate with your customers and drive desired actions.

Holiday Ad campaign by The Body Shop Brand

Holiday Ad Campaign by – The Body Shop

Therefore, to have a successful holiday marketing season, start with learning more about your customers. Like the platforms they frequent the most, their shopping habits, needs, pain points, and preferences. Then with the help of that information, plan targeted New Year campaign ideas with suitable CTAs and holiday keywords that your customers would use.

You can run these New Year campaigns on various platforms such as Google SERP, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. With the help of these New Year marketing campaigns, you can reach the right target audience and drive better-quality holiday traffic to your e-commerce site. This will not only boost your conversions but will also help you to stand out in the competitive holiday market.

3) Align Your Holiday Marketing With Your Customers’ New Year Resolutions

Do you know the best thing that can happen to a customer? It’s when they come across a brand that actively makes efforts toward providing its customers with the best value purchase. But how do these brands end up winning the hearts of their customers? They do it by paying attention and understanding their customers’ preferences, needs, and pain points.

Hence, this has made it to our list of New Year marketing ideas you must try. Of all the major holidays, whether it’s Thanksgiving, Halloween, or Christmas, New Year holds a special place in everyone’s hearts; whether it’s people or businesses, everyone hopes for new beginnings and better days.

New year resolutions 2023

In essence, the goal of your holiday marketing should be about making your customers’ lives easier and better. Therefore, this year, bring a refreshing change to your new year marketing strategy by tapping into a resolution of your target market. Find how you can help your customers follow through with their resolutions.

You can start by considering the resolutions your target customers find most challenging to stick to (refer to the image above for the 2023 stats shared by Statista). Afterward, plan your new year marketing campaigns and promotional strategies to encourage your customers to adhere to their goals and help them be the new version of themselves.

4) Bring The Festive Feels To Your Social Media Channels and Website

If you’re wondering why social media marketing and website optimization have earned a place in our New Year marketing ideas list. An article from Hubspot says, “Video is the most popular and effective media format.”

This alone is reason enough to sprinkle the festive charm on your website and social media channels. But to add to it, updating them with the holiday theme will also help you build excitement and audience engagement. So get creative and plan holiday contests, polls, quizzes, and holiday giveaways to engage with your audience.

For New Year social media posts, you can use holiday elements, graphics, videos, gifs, and memes to capture their attention. You can also run creative New Year hashtag campaigns to drive brand awareness, traction, and customer engagement. Moreover, create an editorial holiday content calendar for social media postings and maintain consistency. Update all your social media display pictures, website homepage, and logo using holiday elements, symbols, and colors.

5) Ring Up Your Customers With New Year Emails

Email marketing campaigns have consistently earned the crown when it comes to listing down the top marketing tactics that perform really well. So it’s no wonder it has made it to our New Year marketing ideas list. But just because it has the highest conversion rate doesn’t mean you don’t have to cross rivers and climb mountains to come up with the email content that converts.

Unfortunately for marketers and business people, customers’ minds do not work as per some pre-defined algorithm. This makes guessing what will catch their attention and drive them to take the desired action highly unpredictable. Therefore, for a successful New Year email campaign, you must have an effective New Year email marketing strategy (backed by proper research).

Holiday Marketing Email Campaign by Fitbit Holiday Marketing Email Campaign By- Fitbit

Focus on your email subject lines because they will be the main deciding factor in whether your New Year emails will be opened. While coming up with New Year email ideas, you just need to make sure they are catchy, compelling, funny, clever, and intriguing. Easy right? Don’t forget to add high-quality graphics because, hey! Visual appeal. (we discussed above).

Furthermore, offer incentives in the form of tempting deals and discounts to make it impossible for your customers to resist. Keep the text minimal but witty while clearly conveying the value your target audience will drive from taking the desired action.

And last but not least, as we are discussing this under New Year marketing ideas, don’t forget to mail your customers a heartwarming New Year wish (with a New Year discount coupon or a free holiday gift, maybe?)

6) Maximize Your Holiday Campaigns Performance With Customers’ Feedback

It’s an indisputable fact that all marketing efforts contribute to one simple goal- to prompt customers into some action. Hence, if you’re getting the best results from your New Year marketing campaigns, getting customer feedback is the best solution. Because who other than your audience can be the right person to explain what you should improve?

Still wondering why this has earned a place on our New Year marketing ideas list? Well, optimizing your holiday marketing campaigns comes with its own set of unlimited advantages. By refining your New Year campaigns with the help of detailed customer personas and holiday shopping trends, you can change the customer perception of your brand and command premium prices.

Additionally, you can study your competitors and find your competitive advantage to turn them into loyal customers and brand advocates. There are quite a few ways to get feedback from your customers on the parameters you should improve upon. It can be in the form of a survey, or it can be in the form of secondary research. You can conduct polls, Q&A, and share feedback forms with your customers.

You can start a hashtag campaign on social media to get feedback from a wide range of audience. This will serve two purposes simultaneously: driving customer engagement and getting helpful consumer insights. It will also establish a positive brand perception that you are a brand that cares about its customers’ needs and preferences.

7) Don’t Forget To Thank Your Loyal Customers and Brand Advocates

Apart from compliments, getting a small appreciative thank you goes a long way to make one feel warm and fuzzy. Because even though a business is a non-living entity, it is run by humans, and its purpose is to make the lives of their fellow humans better and easier. Therefore, customers who have always supported you deserve a warm and heartfelt thank you as you enter a new year.

There are various ways you can get your gratitude across to your loyal brand ambassadors. You can draft a nice thank you email to your customers with a customized New Year deal, free coupon, or holiday gift card. If you are an e-commerce business, you can send a handwritten thank you note with the delivery package.

Don’t Forget To Thank Your Loyal Customers and Brand Advocates - New year marketing Tips

Similarly, you can post a sweet thank you note on all your social media platforms with featured images of your customers. You can offer free holiday marketing collateral as a thank-you to your loyal customers. Or you can offer a free trial, workshop, or a hefty New Year discount as a thank-you gift to your most loyal customers.

Also, since January is the National Thank You Month, adding this to your New Year marketing ideas list is only fitting because a small token of gratitude and appreciation will strengthen your relationship with your customers for a lifetime. And for a business, loyal customers and brand advocates are considered the best assets for long-term sustainable growth.

8) Optimize Everything For SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

As we discussed, your marketing efforts are only relevant if they reach the right target audience. That’s why optimizing for SEO will always be one of the key holiday marketing tips if you want to show up where your audience is. Or when your customers search with specific holiday keywords similar to your business offerings.

Optimizing for SEO results in many benefits. It’ll help drive valuable holiday traffic to your site and e-commerce stores on various marketplaces. It’ll improve your holiday product ranking on search result pages. To achieve better results from your New Year marketing Strategy, implementing high-volume and relevant holiday keywords will be profitable for your business.

Implement long-tail holiday keywords and optimize your e-commerce store for better searchability during the holiday shopping season. Create themed holiday content for your website and social media channels and use relevant holiday keywords to improve search ranking and drive quality holiday traffic. Many free and paid tools are available that could help you find profitable holiday keywords to boost your traffic.

Holiday Marketing Reward Program by Disney

For example, we want to share these super helpful New Year marketing ideas with you, but we would only show up in your search if we optimize this blog for that keyword. Hence, ensure that whatever holiday content you are putting out to your customers is keyword-rich and optimized with proper metadata and relevant tags for the best results.

9) Plan Deals, Discounts, And Loyalty Programs

Can our New Year marketing ideas list be complete without mentioning this point? The answer is in front of you. New Year deals, discounts, and holiday loyalty programs are the blood and soul of any holiday marketing plans or New Year campaigns. Customers wait for the holiday shopping season to do most of their shopping because they get to buy more in less. A deal none of us can resist!

How many kinds of holiday deals can you have? Well, worry not cause we have a mile-long list of that! You can opt for time-specific New Year deals that either last for a month or for the duration of a specific holiday. Plan your holiday deals for early as well as last-minute holiday shoppers to cover the entirety of your target audience.

Go for New Year giveaway ideas, your customers will love the free holiday gift, and you will love the disappearing slow-moving, or old stock. We have already covered the significance of selling holiday bundles as New Year gift options. Additionally, you can try the ‘buy one get one free,’ or the ‘mystery cross-sells,’ where you get a complimentary surprise gift.

Moreover, you can create exciting New Year loyalty reward programs or personalized holiday deals for your loyal customers. You can plan a holiday contest or something interesting to drive audience engagement and strengthen your bond with your customers. For example, brands like Starbucks, Disney, etc., are known for their reward programs which help them refresh their connection with loyal brand advocates.

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Final Thoughts

First, here’s a recap for you on our 9 Fabulous New Year Markeitng Ideas to Jump-Start Your Year:

  • Gain Double Benefits With Holiday-Themed Bundles
  • Run Holiday Ad Campaigns With Targeted Holiday Keywords
  • Align Your Marketing With Your Customers’ New Year Resolutions
  • Bring The Festive Feels To Your Social Media and Website
  • Ring Up Your Customers With New Year Emails
  • Optimize Your Holiday Campaign Performance With Your Customers’ Feedback
  • Don’t Forget To Thank Your Loyal Customers and Brand Advocates
  • Optimize everything for SEO
  • Plan New Year Deals, Discounts, And Loyalty Programs

Now is the perfect time to start planning your New Year marketing strategy for a successful holiday marketing. So, with these top 9 fabulous new year marketing ideas, kickstart your new beginnings for your business. Put these New Year marketing ideas on your list of New Year resolutions and with a robust holiday strategy, plan a successful holiday marketing plan.

We hope that with the help of our article on new year marketing ideas, you will be able to draw valuable insights. With those insights, you will be able to boost your online visibility, brand awareness, and conversions while also having a better and lasting relationship with your customers. On that note, we wish you a prosperous new year for your business.

Happy Reading!

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